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Tips for Valet Parking Accidents That Can Happen with You

While imagining about valet parking you might get goose bumps because of the ridiculous experience that your friend or some family member had faced during the travel. Following the new parking trends and for avoiding the hustle & bustle, drivers usually handover their car to valet parking service providers, so they can go directly into the check-in area without any stress.

The purpose of hiring a valet parking Gatwick service is to avoid the stress of circling around the airport and especially for the security of your most expensive possession. But this is the time when not only you have to say good bye to your car, you also discover a tiny print of writing on the ticket where the company has mentioned “we do not take the responsibility of damages and thefts”.

Valet Parking Gatwick Tips

After finding your car in a worst condition you regret on choosing the service. The fault is not in using the valet service for car parking, but if you haven’t booked a reputable firm then it’s entirely your fault.

Choosing a parking service without firm planning is one the biggest mistakes a traveller can do.

The most secure way to park your car is to validate the reputation of a firm you have chosen for parking. Spare few minutes two or three days before your travel and check the top rated company’s websites on search engine.

Points to Consider While Inquiring About the Service

  • Check the status of the company among customers.
  • Are they providing a friendly customer service?
  • Do they offer discounts on pre-booking of service?
  •  Where they store the cars of passengers?

Once assured with the secure procedures of company, confirm your booking and start a holiday without any stress.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Fri, Mar 4, 2016

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