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Etiquettes of Tipping a Valet

A great deal of time and preparation is required while going for a vacation. While planning your holiday travel, budget is the most important factor, because you have to manage your airfares, hotels, food bills, transportation and so many other things.  When you know you have a restricted vacation budget, tipping for valet parking service is usually overlooked.

Sometimes it is just ignored because it can be a quite expensive affair.  It all happens due to the lack of tipping knowledge. Here are answers of some commonly asked question on tipping to valet in a limited travel budget.

Who gets a tip at the airport?

If you use a valet parking Gatwick service, then it is better to tip at least £2 to £3 for unloading of luggage and its secure parking. Paying £5 for more specialized service is a substantial tip.

Reasons of tipping for a service:

  • They are giving you service and tipping will make it more effective
  • He/she will be more concerned about the safety of vehicle

Valet Parking Tipping Ettiquette

  • Your vehicle will be accommodated fully
  • The service will be less intimidating

Etiquettes of Tipping:

  • Greet your hired valet politely and ask about his well being
  • Ignore all the controversial statements and conversations
  • Avoid racism, rude language and irrelevant criticism
  • Use please and thank you if you want to ask something
  • Do not discuss the cost of your vehicle with him/her
  • Do not talk loudly on phone or with valet
  • Best to arrive on the time you have given to the attendant

A valet of a reputable firm knows the value of your possession and how to keep your vehicle safe in your absence. So a small tipping to the attendant will play a great role in abandoning the parking strains fully. This polite behavior can give an extra treat to your vehicle. Make sure to pre-book the valet service of a reliable firm and start an enjoyable journey.

Therefore, whenever you plan to book a valet service, consider these entire major factors an important part of parking to make it a hassle free experience.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Mon, Aug 1, 2016

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