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London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan United with Gatwick Bosses for New Runway Call

Gatwick campaign grew stronger after the joining of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan to Gatwick’s bosses on calling the new Prime Minister to back the expansion at Gatwick.

Gatwick announced a further £200m budget to enhance the terminal facilities. The day after Gatwick’s event, new PM Theresa May’s committee who were against the Heathrow’s third runway also supported Gatwick.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “Gatwick had displayed a strong plan that shows their fantastic confidence in London. The new PM is bound to the very important decision of new runway capacity at both airports. I will request her to be imperative for Gatwick over the decision of new runway which will bring the substantial economic growth with multiple benefits”

At the same time, Khan showed his support for Gatwick. Since the commission was established, it is the first time a key political figure has shared the stage with executive to show their enthusiastic support.

Gatwick Expansion Plan

Stewart Wingate the Gatwick chief said, “As Gatwick rapidly moves towards full capacity, this increased asset covers the way for our second runway venture. It is now obvious that only Gatwick can bring the economic benefits with new runway, Britain are required to boost international ambitions and trading connections equally because of its intense need, and we have the capacity to do it before 2025.”

The discussions on building the new runway around crowded London are furious for more than 25 years with environmental opposition to expansion at Heathrow.

David Cameron promised to make the decision by the ends 2015 whether the airport is Gatwick or Heathrow. Airport Commission recommendations in July 2015 was in the favour of Heathrow. But in December DFT announced the additional investigation against pollution and noise. During the previous month DFT said that decision can be delayed till to October following David Cameron’s resignation.

Heathrow spokesman disagreed with Sadiq Khan by giving the argument that Berxit  weighed down the dice in the favour of west London.

Though the campaigner believes that wave is turned into opposition to Heathrow and Gatwick is the right solution.


It is the first time a key political figure shared the stage with airport executive to show a strong support for the new runway plan. The executives said that economical benefits with Gatwick’s new runway are obvious now. Campaigners have fiercely opposed the third runway at Heathrow. They said that they need a better Heathrow rather than a bigger Heathrow.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Mon, Jul 18, 2016

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