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Heathrow & Gatwick Push For New Runway after Easter Records

The is on the increase of air pollution and jet engine noise that will cause due to the presence of extra runways. Government is working and focusing more on the impacts of runways expansions before choosing any of the airports among Heathrow and Gatwick.

The Prime Minister David Cameron is facing the political controversies over the decision of expansion and has already postponed the decision on the issue by the end of 2015.

The regional airports are arguing that they will neglect the decision until more capacity is added around London. Manchester Airports Group which owns London Stansted, Bournemouth airports, East midlands as well as Manchester, the four businesses carries 51.9 million passengers in the last year which is probably the up of 7.1 percentages.

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Probably 1.9 million passengers passed through the departure gate of airport in March with the growth of 13.2 percentages and sustained the growth without any trimming into the services. Manchester also experienced an 11pc leap in traffic to 1.7m last month, East Midlands saw a 9.1pc increase to 281,480, and Bournemouth enjoyed a 35.8pc surge to 37,210.

Meanwhile London Luton airport that is controlled by Spanish airports operator Aena, posted a 24.4pc leap in the traffic. Thomas Cook Airlines decided to start functionality from the airport from upcoming year where the airline will launch four charter routes to Corfu, Ibiza, Majorca & Menorca.

Gatwick records three years’ straight growth:

According to Gatwick analysis report 3.1 million passengers with the increase of 5.8% used the airport in March. The airport management pointed out the month on month growth.

Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate said: “The three years of continuous month-on-month growth proves Gatwick continue to provide what the passengers want – more choice and better value to a greater range of destinations. “An expanded Gatwick would build on this momentum and deliver yet more competition and choice for passengers – only last month Norwegian pledged 50 Dreamliners to a two-runway Gatwick which would alter UK long-haul market.”


  Posted by Mark Adams on Fri, Apr 22, 2016

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