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Heathrow Dismissed the Polling Results after finding an Independent Report

Londoners have chosen Gatwick over Heathrow with the margin of 12 points in accordance to the latest YouGov poll results. The reason of choosing Gatwick was environmental issues that will be increased with the expansion of Heathrow. Heathrow rejected the YouGov poll results considering an independent research which showed that air pollution is not an obstruction in the way of expansion according to the four UK airport councils.

On the other side Londoners are in favour of Gatwick second runway and a large ratio is supporting Gatwick, but Heathrow bosses said that the concepts about the environmental impacts are lost there.

YouGov poll showed that 1000 citizens participated for the polling in which 43 percent were supporting Gatwick airport and 34 percent supported Heathrow.

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Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate stated the momentum is with us and a greater amount of people have discovered the expansion at Gatwick is the only solution for economical and environmental balance. It is the only legal plan and if we ask Britain to get on the answer is obvious.

The poll follows news that four Tory-run councils are preparing legal action against David Cameron if he does not categorically rule out expansion of Heathrow.  Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor said that pollution problems are undefeatable.

The spokesperson of Heathrow dismissed the YouGov figure that was recorded a month ago.

Heathrow published an independent research which results showed that air pollution is not a hurdle for expansion but according to the people it’s not legal and Heathrow is building the biggest pollution in the world.


They added that it is important to create a forum with a powerful leadership with no political or self interests other than the well being of the residents of local communities where they can analyse how many of the local communities are affected!

Source: UK Airport News

  Posted by Mark Adams on Tue, Mar 22, 2016

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