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Gatwick Tower will be Now Controlled by German-Owned ATC

London’s Gatwick airport is now getting the services of ATC towers from a subsidiary firm of German air navigation.
The service providers DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung have started to follow the charge of an official transfer on March 1.

DFS Subsidiary Air Navigation Solutions have replaced UK NATS tower service providers at Gatwick which is the second largest airport of country. Now ANS is liable for approach services and air traffic control below 4000 feet around the airport which is situated 28 miles at the south of London. NATS is continuing the services by delivering the approach control guidance to Gatwick from Swanwick area control center.

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German government possesses hundred percent of DFS subsidiary whereas NATS is organized as a public private partnership. UK government possesses 49 percent, airlines 42 percent, employees 5 percent and UK airport operators  with LHR Airports 4 percent.

Gatwick management departments have been inviting the contractors for the tenders and engineering services since late 2013 and proclaimed the award to DFS in July 2014. They announced the German provider’s proposal superior among all the submissions of contenders. The contract period was for 10 years and the expectation of charge taking for the services was in October 2015. Meanwhile NATS contested the tender development program in UK high court and won the demand in October 2014 which postponed the contract award. After the court decision the parties sorted out the dispute before trial and freed the Gatwick for the conclusion of contract.

The management of the tower shifted to ANS on 1st March according to NATS announcement. NATS announced that “We feel proud of our entire track record at Gatwick, which is a large margin at the busiest and most competent single runway in the whole world, NATS have delivered recorded 934 movements in a single day.

We have worked diligently with ANS to guarantee a safe and professional evolution, including seconding 24 employees to support the procedures for next two years.”

ANS MD Werner Spier in a statement said, “The transition resulted in a smooth and seamless handover of services.”
Spier previously managed the Bremen area control center in Germany.

Source: UK Airport News 

  Posted by Mark Adams on Mon, Mar 7, 2016

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