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Gatwick Stated New Expansion will Generate 28,000 New Jobs

The development of second runway at Gatwick would produce 28000 more jobs according to the new survey report. It is also anticipated that expansion at Gatwick will encourage 120,000 jobs across UK. Gatwick is in right contest with Heathrow with the delayed decision by government that is estimated in October.

The report of survey by Arup scrutinizes the recent figure of jobs at Gatwick and evaluated the kinds of job and expertise required for the airport growth.

The research by Arup examined the current range of jobs at Gatwick and assessed the types of jobs and skills needed for the airport to grow, both as part of its current investment plans and if the government approves a second runway.

The new Gatwick runway will enhance the employment across the district and will bring enormous benefits for the youth and skilled workers with the direct support of 28,000 new jobs.

Gatwick will also encourage future potentials if it develops by instituting £3.75 million traineeship funds to built 2500 job opportunities for young people. The grant of £1,500 will be endowed to overcome the initial cost for every apprenticeship.

The new report has also revealed that Gatwick will encourage minimum 21000 jobs straightly and additional 10000 indirectly. It shows that airport also operates as a channel and enhances the ages across local economy.

Probably 48 % of staff works for airlines or their handling agents with a huge proportion is working as a cabin crew. Most of the proportion of Gatwick’s employees works around the clock and largest proportion around 84% are using the work shifts.

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The report also suggests that there is noteworthy prospect for Gatwick to work with regional partners as it develops to capitalise on better opportunities for young people.

Airport’s new collaboration with University of Brighton, Imperial College London and University College London which will hire engineering graduates to join Gatwick’s engineering team every year. This complements an established engineering apprenticeship programme, which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year.

Chief executive Stewart Wingate said: “Gatwick’s second runway will not only connect the UK to existing and emerging markets around the world, it will also offer thousands jobs across the south-east and deliver the best opportunities for young people to directly facilitate from expansion.


Gatwick will provide support for each graduate to gain jobs. Moreover, professional development opportunities will be provided to the students of Brighton University, Imperial University and University College London. All these chosen universities are closely aligned with Gatwick’s future workforce requirements. According to airport CEO, Gatwick would deliver a new runway faster and have a spade in the ground before 2020 which means, after decades of delay, Britain can lastly facilitate from airport expansion.

Source: UK Airport News

  Posted by Mark Adams on Mon, Aug 15, 2016

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