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Gatwick Second Runway Decision Set to be delayed due to EU Referendum result

The decision on Gatwick second runway has been delayed after EU referendum results and Surrey understands the decision on the contentious issue will now be put back after the Britain voted to leave EU.

Gatwick has been contesting with Heathrow since long for an additional runway. During the last year sir Howard Davies recommended the runway at Heathrow rather than Gatwick. But after that the hopes raised by the Gatwick supporters for the expansion which made the Government to delay the decision.

Moreover, considering the issue after referendum the spokesman of Sussex airport said that the issue is still very much in the game. The decision of the airport runway which was initially anticipated by the end of year 2015 was then prolonged to summer 2016.

Gatwick Expansion Delay

Though United Kingdom decision of leaving the EU with the consequential resignation of David Cameron mean that decision is likely to be pushed back again. One of the business tycoons said that the panorama would be more disturbing.

Chief executive of Gatwick Diamond business Jeremy Taylor was a strong supporter of remaining in the EU and have the similar opinion about the referendum results will lead to another delay.

He said that “It will be interesting to view the economic impact of leaving the EU. In business we prefer to a plan. Unsteadiness and no plan (on Gatwick) are visibly disconcerting.

“In my view the bigger picture of this decision (to leave the EU) endangers all infrastructures throughout the country, one of which is enhancing in runway growth and capacity.

“The Prime Minister has made the conclusion to stand down, so any decision that was going to be made in future will likely be pushed back.

“After that it depends on who will be the next Prime Minister, everyone will have their own views on runways and how much of a priority it is. Some are very anti-Heathrow, but that is going to be a decision which will likely be taken at a later date.

“Once again we are in dividing line.”


After the EU referendum there is chaos of Gatwick and Heathrow expansion. In the light of referendum the expansion of both runways is anticipating the delay. The unexpected resignation of PM David Cameron created anarchy which changed the political system and currently there is no impact on the runway decision delivery.

This uncertain situation shows the obvious delay in decision.

Source: UK Airport News 

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Tue, Jun 28, 2016

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