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Gatwick Revealed its £186m State of the Art Link on a Time-lapse Video

Gatwick revealed its £186m most recent development of terminal on a fascinating time lapse video which is displaying its construction. It also unveiled the new hi tech baggage system which is under construction for passengers.

The development was started in 2013 that replaces the original pillar 1 which was launched by Queen in 1958.   This new high tech baggage system will provide the progression of 4,250 bags in an hour. Moreover, there will be advance passengers gate rooms which will possess the first bag store allowing 2600 suitcases and other items for checking in 18 hours prior to the departure.

Gatwick also celebrated its busiest ever month by revealing the construction of 186million facility houses Gatwick’s South Terminal to boarding gates.

This new £186million facility houses Gatwick’s South Terminal to boarding gates foresee futuristic operations that also includes the baggage delivery.

This new Pier will also offer the advance benefits to the thousands of travellers who go to and from Gatwick every week. The traveller gates are designed to allow a quick boarding, moreover the first-class lounges have also been constructed with the

The new state of the art Pier will provide modern facilities to the thousands of passengers who fly out of Gatwick every week

Gatwick Airport News

The passenger gates have been designed to allow travellers to board quickly and premium lounges has also been built with panoramic scenes across the airfield.

Gatwick airport CEO Stewart Wingate said: “Our latest Pier 1 sustains Gatwick’s mission to become London’s airport of choice and helps the airport on its journey to become one of the most efficient in the world”.

“These new state-of-the-art facilities make it easy for airlines to choose Gatwick as an operating base and means our passengers will enjoy even better customer service”.

“It is just this kind of competence that Gatwick would roll out the mass if we get the green light to expand the runway”.

“The UK should have to understand the prospective of expansion and choose a second runway at Gatwick because it is the single option that can actually be delivered”.

Airport officials are eager in the new developing luggage systems which will help the airport to become one of the most efficient in the world’

Gatwick official hopes that this new facility will help their case for a new London runway.

Pier 1 which was officially opened by Croydon MP Steve Reed added: “I’m delighted to open this fantastic new facility and celebrate the hard work and dedication that has gone into making it a reality”.

“Gatwick plays a significant role across the state and expansion would help to speed up Croydon’s potential as the growth engine of South London”.

“’I look forward to hearing a decision soon in favour of building a new runway.”

Source: UK Airport News, Daily Mail

  Posted by Mark Adams on Tue, Jun 21, 2016

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