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Gatwick Reported Growth of +4% to 3.3m in April

Gatwick reported another successful growth in the month of April with the passengers numbers that up to 4% compared with the same period a year before. The management at Gatwick said that long-haul routes have started to perform well with the growth of more than 6%.  There is a substantial growth discovered after British airways launch for long haul routes to Lima and Costa Rica form Gatwick to Easter holiday destinations.

The growth of last comprised routes is as follow.

  • Croatia (+87%)
  • Valencia (+48%)
  • Phuket (+34%)
  • Tenerife (+26%)

In addition to this the performance of the long routes was much improved in the month of April. In this average the included routes were:

  • Belfast (+85%)
  • New-quay (+28%)
  • Inverness (+21%)

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The standard load factors are also mentioned behind the constant successful growth.

The European routes and long haul flights has also started 20 new routes at airport this year that includes Canadian airline, West jet launch and 28 flights per week to Canada which will be followed by Air Canada rouge service to Toronto after this month.


Gatwick management said that the launch of new Canadian is hoping a strong growth from North Atlantic routes in April which is (+20% year-on-year), it also includes New York routes with expected performance of (+162%) and Los Angeles (+135%).

Gatwick CEO said that the initiative of 28 flights from West-Jet will add UK’s only link with Chinese marketers Chongqing and Tianjin next month, which truly showed that Gatwick only can deliver the critical new long haul routes which UK always demand.

Source: UK Airport News 

  Posted by Mark Adams on Fri, Jun 3, 2016

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