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Gatwick is set to Spend £200m on Airport Transformation Scheme

Gatwick airport is ready to spend more £200 million on airport transformation scheme which will enhance the shopping facilities and upgrade the expansion of both terminals.  The addition of cash will boost the airport’s spending to more than £1.2 billion by 2021.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed the investment plans during the event at Gatwick airport where he supported the second runway expansion of Gatwick which will boost the substantial economic growth and bring the multitude of benefits for UK travel industry.

The new Mayor of London has previously opposed the expansion of Heathrow and said there should be no delay in the Gatwick expansion proposition. He urged to the new Prime Minister Theresa May to support the expansion scheme at Gatwick.

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Chris Grayling, the MP of Epsom and Ewell that are just 31km away from Gatwick airport was selected as Transport Secretary in the previous week as part of Mrs May’s cabinet restructure program and he will be commissioned with the decision on Gatwick or Heathrow.

On the other hand, he is permitted to say about his opinion on the proposal of expansion of Gatwick or Heathrow. However, in 2009 he privately showed his concern over the conservative party that is opposition to Heathrow.

In the mean time it was exposed in the previous week that Gatwick Express rail service is facing the worst delays in Britain.

There were more than 8,100 delays recorded from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport. Govia Thames Link (GTR) is already under the inspection after its recent proclaimed intension to scarp 341 southern trains and operates the premium priced service.

The five worst routes are run by GTR in UK and due to its heavy traffic and intensely busy schedule its service is becoming worst.


Gatwick announced the budget of £200 million on airport transformation scheme. London’s new Mayor Sadiq khan announced the investment plan and backed the expansion plan on Gatwick. He said that Gatwick expansion will improve the economy of travel industry. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Gatwick is suffering the worst delays. The controversial decision of expansion could have serious outcomes in new Government for the right of right decision of new development of runway.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Wed, Jul 27, 2016

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