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Gatwick is ready for the Busiest Day with 85,000 Passengers over 24 hours

Gatwick airport position is growing stronger for its record breaking busiest day of year. More than 85000 passengers are expected to fly from Gatwick over 24 hours. The recent scenario anticipates the breaking record this year summer vacation in which around eight million passengers will pass through the Gatwick airport.

The current figure will hit the previous year record which was 6.6 million.  Moreover, to spot the start of this busy period, the airport declared the launch of a series of free foreign language aid to facilitate the holiday makers with advance needs of a modern man like requesting for WiFi passwords or for the discussion of Brexit impacts.

The various 23% percent passengers think “where they can charge the phone” is an important question, in addition to this 16% would like to yearn for the best place to get the phone signals in a foreign language.

Gatwick Airport News

Gatwick airport’s terminal operations manager mentioned: ““Before our summer holidays a lot of of us try and learn a few phrases to get us by.

“Though, in the Smartphone age we now live in, customary phrases like ‘do you have a map?’ aren’t necessarily as essential as they used to be.

“Gatwick serves more routes than any other UK airport, whether our passengers are going to China, Europe or South America, the audio language lessons we have shaped will help our tech-savvy travellers get the most out of their journey.”


Gatwick is anticipating record breaking day of the year with the figure of 85,000 passengers. For the convenience of passengers Gatwick revealed the series of foreign languages to benefit the travellers who go to and from the Gatwick around the world. The facilitations for the passengers are according to need of modern man. In the age of smart phones when the people want WiFs, online maps and proper signals, Gatwick aids the passengers with advance tech solutions to make their trips more enjoyable.

Source: UK Airport News

  Posted by Mark Adams on Wed, Aug 3, 2016

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