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Gatwick Expecting the Worst Flight Delays due to Low Air Capacity

Gatwick is expecting the worst flight delays this summer due to huge number of passengers and low air capacity.  The new outlines of Civil Aviation Authority explained that most of the London airports are suffering from the worst delay. The CCA new figures were in accordance to recorded last summer delays between the months of July and September.

The quarter numbers of holiday makers who intend to travel from five major airports of London and 31 percent delays discovered at other airports.

Gatwick was the worst offender because of less air capacity and 43 delayed flights were discovered which actually means that each flight took off at least 15 minutes following the scheduled time.

Moreover, the standard wait besides this 15 minute window was 23 minutes which is considered the highest delay in the country.

Luton and Heathrow were with the fourth worst record while Stansted and London City performance was better than rest of the airports.

Gatwick Airport News

The 23 percent of journey were from the other 19 airports of UK and the average wait was 13 minutes.

During last summer the increased ratio of delays is on the top in the recent five years across British.

Last summer was the busiest summer in the aviation record in which UK terminals were managing 78 million passengers, comparatively 74 million in 2014.

Tim Johnson the director of CAA policy said: “Punctuality was the most awful point of any summer phase since 2010 – something we are familiar with is many passengers will have frustrating experience and an issue airlines, airports and air traffic control services should work to address”.

“The strong passenger demand and a drop in punctuality also underline the importance of addressing the ongoing pressures on runway capacity in the South East and the need to modernise the UK’s airspace.”

The spokesman from Gatwick airport said: “Gatwick operates the world busiest runway and endeavors to maintain the punctuality of all flights but incidents and low air capacity is beyond the Gatwick’s control which had a huge influence on the airport’s overall performance in 2015”.

“The prompt performance of airlines was affected by an immense increase in congestion over European airspace that has affected 30 percent of flights during summer. In addition to this, Air Traffic Control hits Europe and time of unpleasant weather across the continent.”

“Gatwick has excessive flights to Europe than any other UK airport and can therefore be impacted disproportionately by events affecting European airspace.”

The second runway at Gatwick is only solution for the recovery of air capacity and worst delays.


  Posted by Mark Adams on Mon, Mar 14, 2016

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