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Gatwick Chief again Stated Heathrow is a Failed Solution

Gatwick again hit Heathrow rival on the efforts to resolve environmental and noise pollution concerns. Gatwick chief claimed that Heathrow expansion is a failed solution and it will not reduce the environmental issues of west London.

The second runway at Gatwick will provide the economical and potential growth and the same benefits without any noise and environmental collisions. Gatwick new runway will not also break the air quality legal limits. Moreover it will cost half of Heathrow expansion with no public subsidy.

Gatwick Chief Stewart Wingate outlined the measures of Heathrow that are set to modify the night flight timings and other issues related to environmental pollution has been failed repeatedly.

He added that: “Heathrow’s air quality plans failed due to the most vital credibility test. You cannot promise any more cars with the expansion of third runway and at the same time M25 and plan to spend millions on parking.”

Heathrow has continuously failed the environmental tests and the public politicians would not be fooled by more warm words which have been heeded for decades”

Gatwick Expansion Plan

Wingate added: “Rather than turning around a failed solution that will never happen, we must get on with the solution that can actually happen and it only Gatwick that can deliver it for UK.”

“Heathrow can aim many things but they cannot wish away the actuality of its location”.

“An enlarged Heathrow will newly blow hundreds of thousands of people who are currently not affected by aircraft noise. Alternatively an expanded Gatwick impact would be less than 3% of this figure.”

“Likewise, Heathrow violates the air quality legal limits and the third runway can only make the matters worse and would be therefore unlawful. Gatwick has recognized track record of obeying with all legal air quality limits and would persist to comply even with a second runway.

“After decades of ambiguity the time has come to back an option that can actually happen. Only Gatwick can provide the additional runway capacity and economic boost that is long overdue without the exorbitant cost, with no public subsidy, while limiting the impact on the environment.”


The new runway should come with the fair decision and considering the people benefit on priority. Gatwick expansion will reduce the cost without any subsidy and according to the poll results majority is in the favour of Gatwick runway expansion.  Even Gatwick has good reputation in transport links to London.

Source: UK Airport News

  Posted by Mark Adams on Thu, May 26, 2016

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