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“Flawed Evidence Used by Airport Commission to Favor the Heathrow” Claimed Gatwick

Gatwick claimed flawed evidence by the airport commission to back the decision in the favour of Heathrow. Airport commission used a biased analysis to turn the case again in the favour of Heathrow. After Gatwick accusation Times reported the statement and mentioned the Gatwick claim the wrong triple counting at Heathrow.

Gatwick bosses believe that commission exaggerated the passenger number and heavy traffic for strengthening the impact of third runway, after freedom of information submitted request to the department.

The leader of airport commission Sir Howard Davies who is now chairman of Scotland bank insisted third runway at Heathrow airport. According to him airport delivers up to £147 billion of economical benefits to UK and will serve 75 distant and most profitable flights till by 2050.

Gatwick proposal of second runway was strongly rejected by the commission by concluding that its expansion will only bring £89 billion economical benefits and serve only 21 long haul routes.

Sir Howard rejected the accusation by Gatwick twice and said that they got a wrong sum, informing minister he added that they should have to ignore the misguided report.

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Meanwhile London’s mayor Boris Johnson released a World health organization report yesterday which mentioned that a third runway at Heathrow airport will affect the health impacts which could cost up to £25 billion over decades.

Mayor stated that the best move of expansion will be towards Thames estuary or Stansted as they are Hub airports and the east of London can only secure air traffic capacity.

“If we are to safe the connectivity we require supporting our future expansion and prosperity and doing so with no dire impacts on public health – then we have to do better than Heathrow,” Johnson said.

The reason for building a runway at Thames and Stansted is the only incredible solution as they are the less populated areas.

Johnson added into 78-page document: “Each could accommodate the four-runway hub that London and the UK needs”.

“Our analysis foresees that they would propose around double the number of distant and domestic destinations served by Heathrow today, while revealing 95% fewer people to significant aircraft noise.

“A four-runway center to the east of London, rather than jarring with the growth of London will support it, catalyzing restoration and housing to the east.”

The government is due to rule on the location of a new runway in southeast England in July after delaying a decision in December.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Wed, Mar 30, 2016

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