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Cathay Pacific Introduced New Flights at Gatwick

Cathay Pacific inaugurated its new routes from Gatwick to Hong Kong. Cathy Pacific four-times-a-week service will be its first long haul route which will feature the latest Airbus 350-900 and plan to upgrade the business connection with China and the Far East.

Airline’s sister carrier Cathay Dragon linked 22 destinations from Hong Kong to Chinese mainland.

General Manager of Cathay pacific Neil Glenn mentioned: “We are dedicated to offer our passengers with a better choice and feasibility and launch of this new route is evidence to this.”

“On Cathay’s Pacific 70th anniversary, we are proud on launching of three nonstop routes that are from UK to Hong Kong and then far away.”

Chief commercial officer, Guy Stephenson, Gatwick airport said: “Hong Kong is the leading gateway to China and we are here to welcome Cathay Pacific which is one of the best airlines that will use Gatwick.”

Gatwick Airport News

“The latest flight is a significant milestone in the expansion of the Gatwick long-haul network, which now more than ever offers the UK economy with imperative routes into the world’s most vital markets.”


Cathay Pacific airlines introduced new routes which are imperative for UK’s economy. It is one of most premier airlines that will use Gatwick runway. It is a substantial goal for Gatwick which will help in the development of airport.

Gatwick airport needs enhancement due to the increasing number of routes and premium flights. Gatwick expansion is the only solution to manage the premier lounges, check-in quality and troubles of delayed flights.

Rayanair’s airline boss has demanded the expansion to finish the uncertainty over the capacity of Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

Spokesman of Rayanair’s airline mentioned that the all major airports of UK need more capacity which will finally resolve the issue.


  Posted by Mark Adams on Fri, Sep 9, 2016

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