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Car parks with Space of at Least 6000 Proposed for Gatwick Airport Passengers

The official parking company of Gatwick airport that owns 3000 car park space suffered a chronic shortage of parking due to which 1000 cars were dumped into the boggy fields. Passengers demanded reliable operators during the busy summer holidays.

Official parking companies planned to extend the space for 1000 cars on land closest to Low Field Heath Service Station at London Road.

CEO of Gatwick car park operator argued for extra 6000 spaces that are required due to off airport parking firms increasing numbers.

In the previous weeks Sussex police exposed the five private airport parking firms during the investigation against the dubious activity of operating illegally near Gatwick. More than 1000 vehicles discovered parked in the open mudded fields in the last week of June.

CEO of Gatwick Car Parking said that this is the issue which should be seriously considered for the betterment on urgent basis. Gatwick airport again consulted to ARUP for the future parking strategy.

Gatwick Airport Parking

The strategy report proposed more 9903 car park Gatwick spaces that are required on and off the airport due to number of 42 million passengers annually until 2024.

CEO Gatwick Car parks pointed that probably 4035 cars have been discovered parked in the boggy fields around airport including 750 next to Faraday Road in Manor Royal during 2015.

Mr. Dove said: “In view of increasing number of passengers and unprecedented growth at Gatwick at least 6000 spaces are required.”  He added: “We have demanded to address this chronic shortage which passengers have to face badly every year.”

The police of Sussex also published the images of dumped and mudded cars for the awareness. Moreover the officers are investigating on complaints and reports of car thefts, criminal damages and excess of car mileage claimed by the passengers.

The spokesmen of Gatwick airport condemned the issue and strongly recommended the passengers to use approved parking firms. He said that: Gatwick airport is sorry for the loss of passenger’s property and we highly recommend them the approved companies to avoid the theft and damages.


Due to day by day increase in passenger’s number Gatwick airport car parks are facing furious shortage of parking spaces. According to ARUP report Gatwick is in intense need of at least 6000 on and off airport car parks. In addition to this Gatwick spokesman strongly recommended the use of reliable companies to avoid any sort of car loss and damage.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Mon, Jul 11, 2016

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