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Birmingham Airport’s Boss Is In favour of Gatwick Expansion

Birmingham airport’s chief proclaimed the support for Gatwick expansion instead of Heathrow. Chief Executive Of Birmingham Paul Kehoe said that new runway at Gatwick will show the way to a great competition and option across UK for long haul airports that will also allow Birmingham airport to persist the growth and blaze the Midlands engine.

Passengers around UK and Midlands want direct flights from the airport of their choice. He continued to mention the new routes and 12 airlines which will use Birmingham airport.

He supported the associations of long haul airports that are connected to all areas for global growth facilities.

Kehoe added: “The conclusion on where the south-east’s next runway should be constructed is of national importance. It’s not only having an effect on London but travellers and businesses across the UK as well.

“Among the two options before government, our support is with Gatwick’s expansion plan because it will encourage a great competition among airports which allow other UK long haul airports to continue to compete and improve their own direct services.

“Heathrow’s plan could restrict this growth with the direct international connections that airports like Birmingham have struggle for being lost to west London.

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“A resolution for Heathrow would simply mean a come back to the monopoly of the past, reducing alternative, increasing fares and risking the business of Birmingham and other major UK airports.”

Gatwick chief executive Stewart Wingate claimed: “Expansion at Gatwick will bring exactly the same figure of passengers to the same amount of worldwide destinations as expanding Heathrow.

“The only dissimilarity is that, with Gatwick expansion, those associations are better spread across the UK’s major airports, including Birmingham.

“Increasing Gatwick will boost competition between UK airports, offering a low-cost substitute that serves the London and south-east market, but doesn’t cannibalize the future growth from regional airports.

“For UK demand of truly balanced economic growth, aviation policies have to foster growth in direct flights from airports like Birmingham, instead of using taxpayers’ funds to ponder our global links in west London.”


On account of Birmingham airport chief views the expansion at Gatwick is of significance importance and it will improve the air travel business around UK. It will not only offer the low fares for long haul flight, even benefit the passengers with direct routes. Moreover,Gatwick is possible solution to stabilise the economic growth and would not stop other airports growth.

The government is due to conclude on a new runway this summer in account of delayed decision in December which was in favour of Heathrow expansion.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Fri, Jun 10, 2016

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