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Anaplan platform at Gatwick to manage & optimise 41 million passengers in 2016

Gatwick is employing Anaplan’s solution to get better forecasting potential and manage the fluctuations in passenger volumes.

The airport is intended to use the platform for facilitating the passengers with the teams across the buildings as a source of information. It will allow Gatwick to foresee and optimise the insisted planning for 41 million passengers who are expecting to travel through the airport this year.

The head of sales and operations planning David Harpur stated that this platform will offer the greater benefits with “greater robustness and the reliability of data we wish for.”

Anaplan Launched at Gatwick

Ian Stone, UK and Ireland Managing Director, Anaplan, added: “Global travel is a dynamic and complex industry in which forecasting has rapidly risen to the top of the agenda to model and optimise processes efficiently. We are excited to work with Gatwick Airport and support their growth ambitions.”

Anaplan has earlier worked with other suppliers in the airline space. Brussels airline and Belgian airline offered the widest choices in 2014 for the flights at Brussles airport and chose Anaplan to upgrade the financial planning and analysis strategy. The platform of Anaplan provides statistics on product planning and its administration, cost planning, and investment expenditures.

Airline will provide the leverage to Anaplan so they find out the passenger revenue allocation by considering the flight numbers in real time.

This area of aviation will also be improving the economy of UK and the passengers will be served more efficiently at Gatwick airport

Source: UK Airport News

  Posted by Mark Adams on Thu, Apr 14, 2016

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