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Some Easy Tips to Park the Vehicle in Parallel Position

There are a number of people who are comfortable with self parking. Experienced drivers do not face the huge problems. But if you are newbie and going to park your car at airport during the peak season then you cannot even think about the easiness.

So at first you need to find a suitable space for parking. Make sure there is enough space in the lot for each single car so you can park it without hitting any other vehicle.  Here are some guidelines we have collected for safe parking procedures.

  • First of all if parking space is not suitable, then find some other one.
  • Be careful that you are not blocking the entrance of spot.
  • Be slow while parking the car
  • Park next to the vehicle in front of the vacant spot
  • Be decent and wait for your turn
  • Measurement always matters so park the car at equal length

Parallel Parking Tips

  • Slowly store the vehicle in the space by checking the view in mirrors
  • In case of facing the issues let someone to guide you from the outside
  • It will give you an ample time to deal with the steering correction errors
  • Do not scrape the wheels on the curbs of your space
  • Adjust a bit from front and back
  • At the end do not forget to straighten the steering wheels
  • Now you have parked the car ideally at your desired destination

Parking at airport takes sufficient time due to the crowded traffic. Therefore, being a newbie the best option is to book meet and greet parking Gatwick service. The service provides multitude of benefits in affordable prices and your car remains under the advance security. Stay safe and use these tips for a stress free parking experience.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Mon, Jun 27, 2016

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