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Overview on Global Parking Issues & Law Enforcement

Parking is becoming a worldwide problem due to immense increase in the vehicles. There are estimated 800 million cars in the world which need secure parking spaces. Mostly parking is the biggest trouble outside the hospitals, shopping centers, universities and airports that are mostly surrounded by the vehicles.

The enhancement in parking is required all over the world which needs serious considerations for development. Parking lots should be available for the occasional and regular purposes around all the significant places. There are almost 10 multistory car parks in UK with advance architectural designs.

These car parks have less environmental impacts and use advance technology to make the parking extremely easy for the passengers.

The efforts for secure and reliable car parking procedures are under the review by government to save the people from this growing issue.

If people are really looking for secure car parking system, then it is important to solve this issue wisely.

Parking Solutions

People outside the hospitals, universities and shopping areas try to shun on street parking. It will annoy the residents living around these buildings and it can also create various disputes.

Don’t park in the prohibited areas and wrong lanes. It can cause fines and other damages to your vehicle.

Here are few areas where you can avoid the parking fine:

  • You are not liable for fine if your vehicle is broken down
  • You can avoid the fine while dropping off ill patient
  • No parking fine ticket is applicable on you if you are ill and cannot move the vehicle to parking lot

Places where you can’t help:

  • If you disagree the parking rules
  • If you are blocking the roads
  • If you are parking illegally for few minutes

If you are travelling from airport and require a secure parking service, then the best option is to book meet and greet/valet parking Gatwick for minimum troubles. All you need is to book the service of a reputable firm, after booking confirmation the parking of vehicle will be the core responsibility of a chauffeur.

Plan your parking problems wisely and ensure a hassle free experience.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Wed, Aug 24, 2016

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