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Importance of Reading Terms and Condition before Booking the Service

There are only 8 % passengers who read terms and conditions before booking an airport parking service, when it is the most important print to keep you aware about the parking contractual rights.

Many passengers aren’t aware of unfair terms of the services and at the end of journey they feel helpless to claim the damage.

They are not aware of the terms doesn’t mean they can challenge the claim because they are bound by the clause of company. So, it is very important to know everything before giving the charge of your vehicle to some unknown company.

Remember the customer terms are clearly written and if you have not read it, it is your entire fault. So the simple advice is read them before making the reservations.

Make sure while booking an online service every website have different terms. Before ticking or accepting the boxes remember all these points for secure booking.

Airport Parking Terms & Conditions

  • It is highly recommended to book the service that has legal operations. If website owns a registration number then continue to read the terms for using the services.
  • There are many companies who have hidden costs. People become surprised at the end when they came to know that they will have to pay more for unwanted additions in the service.
  • Draw an attention to the change in procedures mention in the clauses of company.
  • Ensure about the liabilities and exclusions of chosen parking company.
  • Are they taking truly taking the liability of cancellation, damage or other claims? Read the terms regarding your claims for the service.
  • Beware about the clauses of car storage. All the procedures and information will be available on the small contractual print.

Avoid the time pressure and poor experiences by pre-booking the service. An early booking allows you enough time to go through the terms and conditions carefully. Whenever you book an airport parking Gatwick service, make sure you experience minimum hassles.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Mon, Jun 20, 2016

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