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Essentials for Car Parking Security

How secure is your vehicle in the parking garage in your absence? There are a number of complaints registered by the car parkers on weekly basis in which following are the issues mentioned by the drivers.

  • Assault to Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Damage to Vehicles
  • Intoxication in Parking Garages

The continuous increase in number of vehicles requires a good supply of parking fields with new development plans.  After having so many threats, the advance security essentials are required for reduced car parking risks, criminal activities and other vulnerabilities.

Before you park your vehicle at airport or some local parking area, focus on the requirements and facilities available for the safety of vehicle. You should have to make a small inquiry to check the security procedures of any car park providers.

Car Parking Security Essentials

Condition of Car Park:

Often wide area parking lots needs high level of security and check. If you find a parking lot dirty, dark and poor in condition, then avoid parking of your vehicle there as it has already developed a negative look.


Focus on the lightening of parking garage, because reduce visibility can be a threat for you and your vehicle.

Enhanced Surveillance:

If you are using self parking service, then use your eye to monitor the parking spaces entrances, narrow areas and the presence of security cameras. It will help you to recognise the quality of service given by the management.

Other Security Considerations:   

Don’t forget that while parking, there are a lot of things that need  your consideration. The best affair is to avoid the maximum of vulnerabilities before using any car park space.  Especially if you are driving in your own vehicle at airport, it is important to plan appropriately for the reduced parking risks.

Using the third party parking providers is the smartest way of parking a vehicle at airport. Meet and greet parking or valet parking Gatwick service lessens the stress of parking and the hired attendant takes the sole responsibility of vehicle’s safety in the absence of owner.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Tue, Aug 2, 2016

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