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Rouge Meet and Greet Companies fined for Parking the Vehicles in Unprotected Fields

Summer is the peak travelling time where it is difficult to find a secure parking space in the crowded fields. There are many rouge companies who are providing the services of meet and greet and the passengers have experienced the terrible services. More than 500 passenger’s vehicles were found disgustingly parked in the muddy fields.  The cars were parked in the unprotected grounds on the land owned by the unofficial airport parking operators targeting the travellers of Gatwick airport.

After the revelation of pictures of 500 cars by Boroughs council the owners of rouge parking company were fined near about £5,000 for leaving the cars unattended in the field.

The member of council said that they have already-y sent the notices to the companies to the stop the parking activity after so many complaints, but the owners did not comply. The successful enforcement prosecution of Borough’s council has now penaslied the parking operators.

Moreover the local residents around the field were facing the frequent disruption of noise.

There were few recommendations given by the spokesman of Gatwick airport after knowing about the issue.

Secure Meet & Greet Gatwick Parking

Gatwick airport strongly recommends using the authentic companies to avoid the parking in the bogey fields.  Before booking any off-site parking firm ensure the following points.

  • Secure and guarded parking fields
  • Insured and professional chauffeurs
  • High level of customer service
  • Complaints and authentic refunding policies
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Secure online payments
  • Ease of time and luggage management
  • Pre-booking facilities
  • Availability of other value added services

It is important to pre-plan your travel and especially airport parking services to avoid the exasperations. Meet and greet Gatwick makes the parking procedures stress free when it comes to book an airport parking service. But what will be the condition of your vehicle upon return depends on the type of a firm you have chosen for parking. The simplest advice is to make the parking an important part of your travel plan and make your experiences trouble free.

Source: UK Airport News


  Posted by Mark Adams on Fri, Jul 29, 2016

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