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How Does Meet and Greet Gatwick Airport Parking Works?

There are several issues that are associated with Gatwick airport parking. You can only proceed straight to airport check-in if you booked a car parking amenity ahead of time. In order to reserve a secure parking space, you have to search online and get a free quote by submitting your flight details.

Gatwick meet & greet is an exceptional service to utilize since it can fit within the budget of every traveller. Online booking is a convenient method as you can make a reservation from the comfort of your home. Also, once you get done with the booking procedure, you will receive an email for the affirmation of your reservation containing the travel instruction and determined meeting point details.

Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick

You get to the pre-decided point near the airport terminal as mentioned in the email, then you have to call the service provider and within a few minutes the chauffeur can receive your car. From here you proceed for check in. While your car taken for parking and returned to you in a similar way upon arrival.

Meet and greet parking Gatwick is a professional yet luxurious parking facility. Upon arrival, you need to inform service provider so that a chauffeur can be dispatched with the vehicle while you clear the airport customs.

When the car is delivered back to you, you have to check if there is any additional damage done to the vehicle, then you have to claim it before the driver leaves. Otherwise, no claims are entertained by the parking companies. So, be smart and make wise travel choices.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Wed, Dec 14, 2016

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