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Cathay Pacific inaugurated its new routes from Gatwick to Hong Kong. Cathy Pacific four-times-a-week service will be its first long haul route which will feature the latest Airbus 350-900 and plan to upgrade the business connection with China and the Far East. Airline’s sister carrier C

Passengers travelling to and from Gatwick have suffered the worst delays according to the published report. The analysis of BBC on UK aviation data showed the uncovered routes and worst time punctuality. Passengers going from Gatwick airport have to face 18 minutes of delay per flight. In

Gatwick mentioned that 66% councilors have favoured expansion against Heathrow. There are 44% council members who are supporting the expansion at Heathrow. The outcome of YouGov poll for the West Sussex airport revealed when 11 members of London’s council requested PM Theresa May to fav

The development of second runway at Gatwick would produce 28000 more jobs according to the new survey report. It is also anticipated that expansion at Gatwick will encourage 120,000 jobs across UK. Gatwick is in right contest with Heathrow with the delayed decision by government that is esti

Gatwick airport position is growing stronger for its record breaking busiest day of year. More than 85000 passengers are expected to fly from Gatwick over 24 hours. The recent scenario anticipates the breaking record this year summer vacation in which around eight million passengers will pas

Gatwick airport is ready to spend more £200 million on airport transformation scheme which will enhance the shopping facilities and upgrade the expansion of both terminals.  The addition of cash will boost the airport’s spending to more than £1.2 billion by 2021. London’s Mayor Sad

Gatwick campaign grew stronger after the joining of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan to Gatwick’s bosses on calling the new Prime Minister to back the expansion at Gatwick. Gatwick announced a further £200m budget to enhance the terminal facilities. The day after Gatwick’s event, new PM T

The official parking company of Gatwick airport that owns 3000 car park space suffered a chronic shortage of parking due to which 1000 cars were dumped into the boggy fields. Passengers demanded reliable operators during the busy summer holidays. Official parking companies planned to exte

The decision on Gatwick second runway has been delayed after EU referendum results and Surrey understands the decision on the contentious issue will now be put back after the Britain voted to leave EU. Gatwick has been contesting with Heathrow since long for an additional runway. During t

Gatwick revealed its £186m most recent development of terminal on a fascinating time lapse video which is displaying its construction. It also unveiled the new hi tech baggage system which is under construction for passengers. The development was started in 2013 that replaces the origina

Birmingham airport’s chief proclaimed the support for Gatwick expansion instead of Heathrow. Chief Executive Of Birmingham Paul Kehoe said that new runway at Gatwick will show the way to a great competition and option across UK for long haul airports that will also allow Birmingham airport

Gatwick reported another successful growth in the month of April with the passengers numbers that up to 4% compared with the same period a year before. The management at Gatwick said that long-haul routes have started to perform well with the growth of more than 6%.  There is a substantial

Gatwick again hit Heathrow rival on the efforts to resolve environmental and noise pollution concerns. Gatwick chief claimed that Heathrow expansion is a failed solution and it will not reduce the environmental issues of west London. The second runway at Gatwick will provide the economica

Europe’s second largest airline recovered the first quarter losses of 400 in an overall pre-tax loss of 992 million kroner. On the other hand, in the same three months pre-tax losses were intense at 992 million Nok against 777 million Nok in the same three months a year before. The a

Hungarian low cost airline Wizz Air is now in bond with Gatwick airport and will be starting its first flight in the month of June. The airline is starting the flights from June 18 and operates the daily flights from Sussex airport to Bucharest. This will be the first straight service amo

The is on the increase of air pollution and jet engine noise that will cause due to the presence of extra runways. Government is working and focusing more on the impacts of runways expansions before choosing any of the airports among Heathrow and Gatwick. The Prime Minister David Cameron

Gatwick is employing Anaplan’s solution to get better forecasting potential and manage the fluctuations in passenger volumes. The airport is intended to use the platform for facilitating the passengers with the teams across the buildings as a source of information. It will allow Gatwick

Gatwick published the detailed summary as a response to Independent Arrivals Review which was embarked in January. Gatwick take on all the suggestions of the review and has set an action plan. Among the major recommendations, they asked to position an Independent Noise management board

Gatwick claimed flawed evidence by the airport commission to back the decision in the favour of Heathrow. Airport commission used a biased analysis to turn the case again in the favour of Heathrow. After Gatwick accusation Times reported the statement and mentioned the Gatwick claim the wron

Londoners have chosen Gatwick over Heathrow with the margin of 12 points in accordance to the latest YouGov poll results. The reason of choosing Gatwick was environmental issues that will be increased with the expansion of Heathrow. Heathrow rejected the YouGov poll results considering an in



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