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Gatwick Claimed the Majority Support in its Favour

Gatwick mentioned that 66% councilors have favoured expansion against Heathrow. There are 44% council members who are supporting the expansion at Heathrow.

The outcome of YouGov poll for the West Sussex airport revealed when 11 members of London’s council requested PM Theresa May to favour the expansion at Gatwick and approve the dismissal for Heathrow.

The leaders of Southwark, Corydon, Hammersmith, Fulham, Hillinhdon, Kensington, Chelsea, Kingston, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth council notified the increasing consensus behind the expansion of Gatwick.  They all promised to work with ministers and also ensured the support for this giant and ambitious project.

The authorities presented almost 2.8million Londoners which includes five conventional and six Labour prohibited Boroughs.

They wrote the letter to May in which they mentioned: “We have now identified that Gatwick expansion will provide multiple incentives to Heathrow but with no cost to the public takings and fraction of the environmental disruption.”

Gatwick Airport News

“It doesn’t face the same legal hurdles and would develop more balance, flexibility and competitive airport networks instead all of the eggs in the Heathrow basket”.

Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate said: “London has united for the expansion of Gatwick as it is the only proposal that gives an ensured growth while restricting the impacts on environment”.

“Critical Gatwick expansion is the individual plan that can actually be delivered – unlike Heathrow it doesn’t require £5 billion of taxpayer funding”.

“This money could otherwise be utilized for imperative infrastructure projects such as Crossrail 2, Thames river crossings & new homes”.

“The UK has not enough money for Heathrow delay – let’s get on and build a new runway at Gatwick”.


Gatwick claimed the majority support in which 66% council members are favouring this ambitious project. London is united for the expansion at Gatwick because now they believe that it will provide the similar benefits with in cost. The investment and growth at Gatwick will bring the remarkable growth and opportunities.


Overview on Global Parking Issues & Law Enforcement

Parking is becoming a worldwide problem due to immense increase in the vehicles. There are estimated 800 million cars in the world which need secure parking spaces. Mostly parking is the biggest trouble outside the hospitals, shopping centers, universities and airports that are mostly surrounded by the vehicles.

The enhancement in parking is required all over the world which needs serious considerations for development. Parking lots should be available for the occasional and regular purposes around all the significant places. There are almost 10 multistory car parks in UK with advance architectural designs.

These car parks have less environmental impacts and use advance technology to make the parking extremely easy for the passengers.

The efforts for secure and reliable car parking procedures are under the review by government to save the people from this growing issue.

If people are really looking for secure car parking system, then it is important to solve this issue wisely.

Parking Solutions

People outside the hospitals, universities and shopping areas try to shun on street parking. It will annoy the residents living around these buildings and it can also create various disputes.

Don’t park in the prohibited areas and wrong lanes. It can cause fines and other damages to your vehicle.

Here are few areas where you can avoid the parking fine:

  • You are not liable for fine if your vehicle is broken down
  • You can avoid the fine while dropping off ill patient
  • No parking fine ticket is applicable on you if you are ill and cannot move the vehicle to parking lot

Places where you can’t help:

  • If you disagree the parking rules
  • If you are blocking the roads
  • If you are parking illegally for few minutes

If you are travelling from airport and require a secure parking service, then the best option is to book meet and greet/valet parking Gatwick for minimum troubles. All you need is to book the service of a reputable firm, after booking confirmation the parking of vehicle will be the core responsibility of a chauffeur.

Plan your parking problems wisely and ensure a hassle free experience.

18% Flat Discount On Gatwick Meet & Greet Parking August 2016

The way you choose your car parking service really makes the difference at the end of travel. If you are looking for the secure and cheap car parking amenities at Gatwick, then get the unbeatable prices on meet and greet Gatwick parking for a budget saving experience.

Best Meet and Greet Gatwick is offering 18% flat discount for the travellers who are in need of cheap car parking alternatives. Come first and get first served by pre-booking the services at least two days before your travel.

Follow the guidelines to get your quote for parking now.

  • Click on voucher and enter the required details
  • Get the parking quote by entering the complete details
  • Check the confirmation email and verify the status of booking
  • Use the given contact number of chauffeur in your email
  • Contact him a day before your travel
  • Call him at least two hours before your arrival
  • Drop the car outside the terminal and enjoy the hassle free journey

We aim to make the parking experience trouble free to reduce the stress of travel time. The security of vehicle is our core responsibility in your absence. Say bye to all the hassles and enjoy the limited discount offer.

Note: This voucher does not apply extra charges which are often applied by private parking firms.

18% Off on Meet & Greet Gatwick Parking August 2016

Gatwick Stated New Expansion will Generate 28,000 New Jobs

The development of second runway at Gatwick would produce 28000 more jobs according to the new survey report. It is also anticipated that expansion at Gatwick will encourage 120,000 jobs across UK. Gatwick is in right contest with Heathrow with the delayed decision by government that is estimated in October.

The report of survey by Arup scrutinizes the recent figure of jobs at Gatwick and evaluated the kinds of job and expertise required for the airport growth.

The research by Arup examined the current range of jobs at Gatwick and assessed the types of jobs and skills needed for the airport to grow, both as part of its current investment plans and if the government approves a second runway.

The new Gatwick runway will enhance the employment across the district and will bring enormous benefits for the youth and skilled workers with the direct support of 28,000 new jobs.

Gatwick will also encourage future potentials if it develops by instituting £3.75 million traineeship funds to built 2500 job opportunities for young people. The grant of £1,500 will be endowed to overcome the initial cost for every apprenticeship.

The new report has also revealed that Gatwick will encourage minimum 21000 jobs straightly and additional 10000 indirectly. It shows that airport also operates as a channel and enhances the ages across local economy.

Probably 48 % of staff works for airlines or their handling agents with a huge proportion is working as a cabin crew. Most of the proportion of Gatwick’s employees works around the clock and largest proportion around 84% are using the work shifts.

Gatwick Airport News

The report also suggests that there is noteworthy prospect for Gatwick to work with regional partners as it develops to capitalise on better opportunities for young people.

Airport’s new collaboration with University of Brighton, Imperial College London and University College London which will hire engineering graduates to join Gatwick’s engineering team every year. This complements an established engineering apprenticeship programme, which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year.

Chief executive Stewart Wingate said: “Gatwick’s second runway will not only connect the UK to existing and emerging markets around the world, it will also offer thousands jobs across the south-east and deliver the best opportunities for young people to directly facilitate from expansion.


Gatwick will provide support for each graduate to gain jobs. Moreover, professional development opportunities will be provided to the students of Brighton University, Imperial University and University College London. All these chosen universities are closely aligned with Gatwick’s future workforce requirements. According to airport CEO, Gatwick would deliver a new runway faster and have a spade in the ground before 2020 which means, after decades of delay, Britain can lastly facilitate from airport expansion.

Source: UK Airport News

Successful Operations of Valet Parking

Valet parking is different from self parking and takes the ultimate responsibility of taking the car at secure compounds and obliged to take care of vehicle when you are away from it. With these enormous facilities you can easily differentiate the performance of a service.

Valet operations are best employed when you are in need of advance and secure parking, especially at airports. Imagine you are going abroad for a business meeting and you need someone who can take care of your vehicle ultimately. So upon your return you would not have to face the exasperations at the end of journey.

Often people are confused with the attendant assistance and valet parking procedures. Here we have divided the sections for better understanding of valet parking facilities.

Section 1: (How Valet service is useful?)

  • It makes the section of your travel a bit more special
  • It is the perfect option at the places where parking can be dangerous for visitors
  • It is useful in saving the time of frequent business travellers from searching of secure airport parking

Valet Parking Gatwick

  • If you are travelling with family, there would be no trouble of luggage management outside the terminal building
  • It is the best suitable service for disable persons and elder citizens
  • You car is treated extraordinarily through car care facilities
  • You vehicle remains safe from vandalism, weather effects and other loss

Section 2: (How to get help of authentic valet parking Gatwick service?)

  • Calculate the level of service
  • Book a true valet service by checking the value added services with parking
  • Tipping to a valet is the nice thing to do for the extra safety of your vehicle
  • Tip according to the custom of that place
  • Read the policies and terms of related company
  • Ensure the quality services of company by taking the suggestions from your friends and family
  • Make sure your car is under the strict security of and advance equipments

Valet parking is more than a service so it is important to ensure the booking procedures and other facilities before using the service. You will be helped with the special needs of passenger who arrive at airport in their own vehicle if you have book the authentic providers.

Happy Parking!

Meet & Greet Parking – The Best Alternative in Rush Hours

Giving your car keys to a chauffeur for parking is one of the best substitutes to reduce the issues of parking at airport. The hired chauffeur is obliged to take your vehicle to a certain car parking compound. With the presence of enormous service providers, it is usually difficult to figure out the reliable company for meet and greet Gatwick parking.

To avoid the fuss of parking at Gatwick airport book a reliable firm. Here are few guidelines to make the booking procedures smooth and stress free.

Be Cautious of Scam Companies:

However, the licensed parking companies are limited. Moreover, some of them have insufficient staff, which is unable to maintain the car parking services.

While inquiring about the multiple parking issues we have discovered the following helpful guidelines:

  • Validate the company and their professional bodies.
  • Go to the customer reviews of various companies and find out what people are saying about their car parking procedures.  Make it certain that the chosen website have both negative and positive reviews.
  • Gatwick operator scheme’s awarded trademarks can be used as another authentic tool during the inquiry of your short listed parking companies.
  • The scheme was launched by Gatwick to eliminate all the vague services and notify the sanctioned companies that are providing the high professionalism in real.

Meet and Greet Parking Benefits

The above mentioned guidelines are useful to discern the valid company so the customers can easily choose fully secure and reputable service.

Millions of travellers go to & from the Gatwick and use multiple services according to their need.

Benefits of Meet & Greet Gatwick Service:

  • No hassles of shuttle service and quick check-in
  • Available 24/7
  • Secure parking compounds
  • CCTV installed for monitoring of your vehicle

Most importantly, avoid all the disruptions of your travelling and choose the parking ways for a worry free experience.

Best meet and greet Gatwick provides advance and secure booking and saves your time and money and ensures the well-versed and complaisant experience.

Gatwick is ready for the Busiest Day with 85,000 Passengers over 24 hours

Gatwick airport position is growing stronger for its record breaking busiest day of year. More than 85000 passengers are expected to fly from Gatwick over 24 hours. The recent scenario anticipates the breaking record this year summer vacation in which around eight million passengers will pass through the Gatwick airport.

The current figure will hit the previous year record which was 6.6 million.  Moreover, to spot the start of this busy period, the airport declared the launch of a series of free foreign language aid to facilitate the holiday makers with advance needs of a modern man like requesting for WiFi passwords or for the discussion of Brexit impacts.

The various 23% percent passengers think “where they can charge the phone” is an important question, in addition to this 16% would like to yearn for the best place to get the phone signals in a foreign language.

Gatwick Airport News

Gatwick airport’s terminal operations manager mentioned: ““Before our summer holidays a lot of of us try and learn a few phrases to get us by.

“Though, in the Smartphone age we now live in, customary phrases like ‘do you have a map?’ aren’t necessarily as essential as they used to be.

“Gatwick serves more routes than any other UK airport, whether our passengers are going to China, Europe or South America, the audio language lessons we have shaped will help our tech-savvy travellers get the most out of their journey.”


Gatwick is anticipating record breaking day of the year with the figure of 85,000 passengers. For the convenience of passengers Gatwick revealed the series of foreign languages to benefit the travellers who go to and from the Gatwick around the world. The facilitations for the passengers are according to need of modern man. In the age of smart phones when the people want WiFs, online maps and proper signals, Gatwick aids the passengers with advance tech solutions to make their trips more enjoyable.

Source: UK Airport News

Rouge Meet and Greet Companies fined for Parking the Vehicles in Unprotected Fields

Summer is the peak travelling time where it is difficult to find a secure parking space in the crowded fields. There are many rouge companies who are providing the services of meet and greet and the passengers have experienced the terrible services. More than 500 passenger’s vehicles were found disgustingly parked in the muddy fields.  The cars were parked in the unprotected grounds on the land owned by the unofficial airport parking operators targeting the travellers of Gatwick airport.

After the revelation of pictures of 500 cars by Boroughs council the owners of rouge parking company were fined near about £5,000 for leaving the cars unattended in the field.

The member of council said that they have already-y sent the notices to the companies to the stop the parking activity after so many complaints, but the owners did not comply. The successful enforcement prosecution of Borough’s council has now penaslied the parking operators.

Moreover the local residents around the field were facing the frequent disruption of noise.

There were few recommendations given by the spokesman of Gatwick airport after knowing about the issue.

Secure Meet & Greet Gatwick Parking

Gatwick airport strongly recommends using the authentic companies to avoid the parking in the bogey fields.  Before booking any off-site parking firm ensure the following points.

  • Secure and guarded parking fields
  • Insured and professional chauffeurs
  • High level of customer service
  • Complaints and authentic refunding policies
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Secure online payments
  • Ease of time and luggage management
  • Pre-booking facilities
  • Availability of other value added services

It is important to pre-plan your travel and especially airport parking services to avoid the exasperations. Meet and greet Gatwick makes the parking procedures stress free when it comes to book an airport parking service. But what will be the condition of your vehicle upon return depends on the type of a firm you have chosen for parking. The simplest advice is to make the parking an important part of your travel plan and make your experiences trouble free.

Source: UK Airport News


Tips to Conquer the Fear of Flying

Are you terrified of boarding on the plane because of your flying fear? Do you think that your heart will pound while others will be sleeping silently around you? Most of the times these fears are minor for the first time flyers, but there are few people who go through the severe flying phobia and tremendous anxiety.

If you are among those people who are terrified of flying, follow these guidelines to overcome your flying fear.

Recognise your fear:

Before you set on the plane, it is important to figure out the situation that frightens you the most. Moreover, trigger the reaction of your anxiety to conquer the fear. If you will learn what turns you down, it would be easier to defeat these sensations.

Board into the plane with complete information:

Sometimes the reason behind the anxiety is lack of knowledge about the things you are using first time. To beat the fears effectively learn how flying works and remember the facts about the stuff that worries you most.

Suppose if you understand the facts about airplane turbulences, then you would be able to easily answer your negative thoughts.

How To Conquer The Fear Of Flying

Separate fear from danger:

Anxiety and danger often gets confused because in both situations body reacts in the same way. Do not misunderstand fear with danger because it is just the anxious feeling that is frightening you. Remind yourself that you are not in danger and you will be safe throughout the journey.

Utilise visualisation techniques:

The lack of flying exposure is one the biggest problem that gives birth to fear. The idea of visualization is quite helpful to beat the nervous feeling. Imagining yourself into the situation of flying helps to conquer the negative thoughts and the situations you are imagining no longer threat you. It seems a lame technique but it really works.

Exercises to defeat the frightening sensations:

  • Bring a squeeze ball or a small stuffed toy and keep on squeezing it unless you release the negative energy to alleviate the tension.
  • Stretch your body from toe to head and completely relax all the muscles.
  • Take few sips of water and deep breathes frequently.
  • Watch a movie, read your favourite book or play a game to avoid all the negative thoughts.
  • Sit back on your seat smoothly and show the utmost confidence.
  • Talk to someone around you to lessen the stress.
  • Stay well hydrated and buy a comfortable travel sleep pillow.

The best technique to deal with the flying fears is to keep on distracting your mind to control the stress. If you follow these tips, you will be fine in a short time span.

Gatwick is set to Spend £200m on Airport Transformation Scheme

Gatwick airport is ready to spend more £200 million on airport transformation scheme which will enhance the shopping facilities and upgrade the expansion of both terminals.  The addition of cash will boost the airport’s spending to more than £1.2 billion by 2021.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed the investment plans during the event at Gatwick airport where he supported the second runway expansion of Gatwick which will boost the substantial economic growth and bring the multitude of benefits for UK travel industry.

The new Mayor of London has previously opposed the expansion of Heathrow and said there should be no delay in the Gatwick expansion proposition. He urged to the new Prime Minister Theresa May to support the expansion scheme at Gatwick.

Gatwick Airport News

Chris Grayling, the MP of Epsom and Ewell that are just 31km away from Gatwick airport was selected as Transport Secretary in the previous week as part of Mrs May’s cabinet restructure program and he will be commissioned with the decision on Gatwick or Heathrow.

On the other hand, he is permitted to say about his opinion on the proposal of expansion of Gatwick or Heathrow. However, in 2009 he privately showed his concern over the conservative party that is opposition to Heathrow.

In the mean time it was exposed in the previous week that Gatwick Express rail service is facing the worst delays in Britain.

There were more than 8,100 delays recorded from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport. Govia Thames Link (GTR) is already under the inspection after its recent proclaimed intension to scarp 341 southern trains and operates the premium priced service.

The five worst routes are run by GTR in UK and due to its heavy traffic and intensely busy schedule its service is becoming worst.


Gatwick announced the budget of £200 million on airport transformation scheme. London’s new Mayor Sadiq khan announced the investment plan and backed the expansion plan on Gatwick. He said that Gatwick expansion will improve the economy of travel industry. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Gatwick is suffering the worst delays. The controversial decision of expansion could have serious outcomes in new Government for the right of right decision of new development of runway.

Discover the Best Valet Parking Gatwick Service

Airport parking services are available at almost all the airports of UK, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are providing the authentic security and the best parking experience. Often it becomes difficult to pick the right service and you have to pay a huge amount at the last minute for the security of vehicle.

If you want to minimize the troubles, then make sure to inquire about the service few days before your travel.

Find your Car Parking Requirement First:

Before heading to the airport it is important to identify the car parking needs, so it would be easy to avoid all sorts of problems that you are facing while parking the car at airport.

Valet parking Gatwick is a time saver for all types of travellers, especially when passengers are running late for flights. Simply drive to the airport terminal, get a receipt and handover your keys and off to your journey.

Valet Parking Gatwick

Often people feel uncomfortable when handing their car to the chauffeur at airport due to its bad mouth. Therefore, the best bet is to make sure about the safe parking procedures of the company.

How to Ensure the Delivery of Secure Parking Procedures?

  • Inquire the security system that company offers.
  • Inquire about the experience of valet attendants.

How to get the Cheapest Deals?

A number of people believe in comparing the prices, but it also puts you into the state of perplexity. Book the service in advance to avail the discounted offers and attain the full efficiency in affordable rates.

We all know that airport parking is stressful and takes a huge time if not planned appropriately. Do not indulge in the unsafe parking expeditions and book Best Meet & Greet Gatwick parking discounted deals for exclusive car care.

Importance of Pre-Booking Meet & Greet Gatwick Service

If you have planned the holiday and you are about to purchase the tickets, then this blog post will be a great help for you. Here we have gathered some suggestions to make the travel procedures less troublesome.

We all know that haste makes waste. Therefore, every traveller aims a stress free start of travel and it is possible with an advance planning for it. There are numerous issues that come into the way of airport travel, but parking is one of the most bothered issues faced by the travellers.

Save money on airport parking services and give an amazing start to your trip.

If you do not book the parking services two or three days before your travel, then you will have to pay the full retail price for an unguaranteed airport parking deal which can disturb your whole travelling budget.

What is the best way to save a good amount on airport parking services?

Gatwick Meet & Greet

If you want to save money for airport parking, then simply book the service in advance and make sure to shop the deal from a reliable firm. Meet and greet Gatwick is the best consideration for an airport parking service.

Most of the parking companies have sensitive pricing procedures similar to airline companies. If you purchase the ticket closest to the flying date the prices will rise. Similarly, if you book the service on the closest to the date of flying, then you will have to pay the high gate prices for airport parking.

There are numerous advantages of pre-booking meet and greet service.

  • Saves a lot amount and time
  • You can easily secure your space
  • You do not have to park in the short term parking compound
  • Your car is under the strict surveillance of advance security equipment
  • You have enough time to search for a
  • No delay to the check-in desk
  • No carrying of heavy luggage around
  • No waiting of shuttles to and from the airport

You stay calm, peaceful, unflustered and in good health to initiate your holiday.

If you are in looking for the cheap and secure car parking deal, get the amazing 18% discounts on the services of Best Meet & Greet Gatwick Ltd.

Flat 18% Discounts on Meet & Greet Gatwick Parking July 2016

Make airport parking a cost effective experience by saving a good amount on parking services at Gatwick. Best Meet & Greet Gatwick is offering 18% premium discounts for the passengers who are looking for the cheap, secure and reliable airport parking alternatives.

Be an early bird and pre-book the service to avail the discounts on meet and greet Gatwick parking deal to make your experience stress free. Enter your booking details and get your quote now.

Follow the simple procedure:

  • Use voucher by clicking on it.
  • Get your parking quote.
  • Match the summer discount code.
  • Fill the arrival and departure details.
  • Confirm the booking.
  • Check the confirmation email.
  • Use the details on your departure
  • Enjoy the cheapest parking discounts

Exclusive Amenities with Best Meet and Greet Gatwick:

  • Professionalism and staff friendliness
  • Parking rates that suits to your budget
  • Safety of vehicle
  • Secure online payments
  • Time punctuality

Best Meet and Greet Gatwick aims to reduce the exhaustion of travel time by providing the complete parking security to your vehicle in your absence. Say bye to the entirely risky and expensive car parking procedures and avail the limited discounts for an enjoyable experience.

(Important Note: This voucher does not apply any additional charges which are usually applied by private airport parking firms.)

18% Discounts on Meet & Greet Parking Gatwick

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan United with Gatwick Bosses for New Runway Call

Gatwick campaign grew stronger after the joining of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan to Gatwick’s bosses on calling the new Prime Minister to back the expansion at Gatwick.

Gatwick announced a further £200m budget to enhance the terminal facilities. The day after Gatwick’s event, new PM Theresa May’s committee who were against the Heathrow’s third runway also supported Gatwick.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “Gatwick had displayed a strong plan that shows their fantastic confidence in London. The new PM is bound to the very important decision of new runway capacity at both airports. I will request her to be imperative for Gatwick over the decision of new runway which will bring the substantial economic growth with multiple benefits”

At the same time, Khan showed his support for Gatwick. Since the commission was established, it is the first time a key political figure has shared the stage with executive to show their enthusiastic support.

Gatwick Expansion Plan

Stewart Wingate the Gatwick chief said, “As Gatwick rapidly moves towards full capacity, this increased asset covers the way for our second runway venture. It is now obvious that only Gatwick can bring the economic benefits with new runway, Britain are required to boost international ambitions and trading connections equally because of its intense need, and we have the capacity to do it before 2025.”

The discussions on building the new runway around crowded London are furious for more than 25 years with environmental opposition to expansion at Heathrow.

David Cameron promised to make the decision by the ends 2015 whether the airport is Gatwick or Heathrow. Airport Commission recommendations in July 2015 was in the favour of Heathrow. But in December DFT announced the additional investigation against pollution and noise. During the previous month DFT said that decision can be delayed till to October following David Cameron’s resignation.

Heathrow spokesman disagreed with Sadiq Khan by giving the argument that Berxit  weighed down the dice in the favour of west London.

Though the campaigner believes that wave is turned into opposition to Heathrow and Gatwick is the right solution.


It is the first time a key political figure shared the stage with airport executive to show a strong support for the new runway plan. The executives said that economical benefits with Gatwick’s new runway are obvious now. Campaigners have fiercely opposed the third runway at Heathrow. They said that they need a better Heathrow rather than a bigger Heathrow.

Suggestions to keep your Car Safe While Using Valet Parking Service

Before booking the parking services how many of the doubts fret you and what do you prefer for the safety of vehicle?  Handing your car over to an unknown person feels like you have given three years child the task of cooking. Because there are many frightening stories of valet parkers revealed by news resources which are true.

No doubt valet parking service is the most convenient option for the travellers when you are pressed of time.  But the nightmares about the service cannot be denied.

If you want to remain safe from the mess of cumbersome parking procedures, then here are few things which you have to keep in mind for fewer troubles.

Idea of secure valet parking Gatwick can be accomplished with a prestigious parking firm which ensures the exclusive security of vehicle. The located area of parking must be equipped with advance security system and fenced by steel wires.

Other recommended parallels of secure parking can be identified by inquiring about the reputation of company. So if you want to turn the dream of sound parking into reality, then make sure to use the service of a reputable firm having maximum years of experience.

Valet Parking Gatwick

Evaluate the prices and features of all these services.

Comparing the prices is the best way to find the cheapest deals for valet parking. Consider the pre-booking procedure and ensure the accessibility of discounts on advance reservations.

Ensure the policy of recovery against the claimed damages. So, before leaving the car give a quick look to ensure the dings & nicks upon your return.

Enjoy the special assistance of Gatwick valet parking and make your travelling experience remarkable. If you are looking for the guaranteed service then book Best Meet & Greet Gatwick and enjoy the combo of time, money & convenience.

Car parks with Space of at Least 6000 Proposed for Gatwick Airport Passengers

The official parking company of Gatwick airport that owns 3000 car park space suffered a chronic shortage of parking due to which 1000 cars were dumped into the boggy fields. Passengers demanded reliable operators during the busy summer holidays.

Official parking companies planned to extend the space for 1000 cars on land closest to Low Field Heath Service Station at London Road.

CEO of Gatwick car park operator argued for extra 6000 spaces that are required due to off airport parking firms increasing numbers.

In the previous weeks Sussex police exposed the five private airport parking firms during the investigation against the dubious activity of operating illegally near Gatwick. More than 1000 vehicles discovered parked in the open mudded fields in the last week of June.

CEO of Gatwick Car Parking said that this is the issue which should be seriously considered for the betterment on urgent basis. Gatwick airport again consulted to ARUP for the future parking strategy.

Gatwick Airport Parking

The strategy report proposed more 9903 car park Gatwick spaces that are required on and off the airport due to number of 42 million passengers annually until 2024.

CEO Gatwick Car parks pointed that probably 4035 cars have been discovered parked in the boggy fields around airport including 750 next to Faraday Road in Manor Royal during 2015.

Mr. Dove said: “In view of increasing number of passengers and unprecedented growth at Gatwick at least 6000 spaces are required.”  He added: “We have demanded to address this chronic shortage which passengers have to face badly every year.”

The police of Sussex also published the images of dumped and mudded cars for the awareness. Moreover the officers are investigating on complaints and reports of car thefts, criminal damages and excess of car mileage claimed by the passengers.

The spokesmen of Gatwick airport condemned the issue and strongly recommended the passengers to use approved parking firms. He said that: Gatwick airport is sorry for the loss of passenger’s property and we highly recommend them the approved companies to avoid the theft and damages.


Due to day by day increase in passenger’s number Gatwick airport car parks are facing furious shortage of parking spaces. According to ARUP report Gatwick is in intense need of at least 6000 on and off airport car parks. In addition to this Gatwick spokesman strongly recommended the use of reliable companies to avoid any sort of car loss and damage.

Cheap & Secure Airport Parking Alternatives

If you have a desire to book luxurious airport parking services, then paying small prices is a fortune. Major UK airports in summers are always overwhelmed with tourists looking for the cheap and secure services. Finding the reputable parking is among the biggest hazards of travel time. In these crucial hours the selection of a service with all the vital standards is the best consideration.

The reputable firms provide significant services in rush hours. So before your expectations turn into a formidable experience take the assistance of a reliable source. Taking the issue easy during summer holidays can add disappointment and anxiety while using the service.

Obviously it feels wonderful when you are treated in a luxurious way outside the airport terminal and a well trained manned servant park your car to a secure compound.

The Easiest Parking Ways:

  • While choosing the car parking services make sure to consider the following points for no troubles. It is important to explore the service that gives the combination of cheap and secure parking deals.
  • There are several companies that provide the promo codes during summers so that the passengers would be able to initiate a budget travel.

Gatwick Parking Tips

  • Find the discounts offered by multiple companies and book at least two days before your departure.
  • The earlier you will book the service, the more you will be able to save.
  • Make sure to validate the repute of firm and their experience in the field to avoid any sort of scam activity.

It can be worrying to leave your car unprotected while you are away. Do not leave the security of vehicle least bothered thing in search of getting cheap services.

The expensive options are only for those people who just drive to airport and park in the car. But if they go on website, then usually they get the fusion of cheap and secure services. There are different types of car park services, but meet and greet parking Gatwick is the smoothest option for travellers in summers.

Important things to Remember before Booking:

  • Arrival time of chauffeur
  • Can you cancel the service?
  • Security of vehicle

Once you find the secure service in cheap prices, your parking mission is accomplished. With and enjoy the budget holidays with your friends and family.

Meet and Greet Parking is the best Answer to all Parking Perils!

Meet and greet is the best service to park the vehicle at airport. It is the most important factor of your travel plan and regarded as the utmost solution of airport parking exasperation. Have you ever wondered why it is considered as the most important factor when you drive to the airport in your own vehicle?

Parking is always bothersome at major airports of UK like Gatwick. So, the use of services like meet and greet parking Gatwick is the best stitch in time that saves you from the frightening experiences. Hence, pre-booking the service is the best option to deal with parking perils smoothly.

Have you ever had a chance of scammed parking services? Or have you witnessed the unexpected mileage and filth on the vehicle? We have underlined some awareness points to give you a safe parking experience. Most of the suggestions are based on the answers of the question that people have asked before booking the service.

Gatwick Meet and Greet

Look closely to the top rated websites and make a small inquiry wisely about the services being offered by the company. Rest assured all the legal authentications that company has mentioned on the website.

Most of the companies claim the ownership of sheltered car parks. It is just the site that ensures the monitoring of vehicle with advance security equipment.  In the end you discover that they have a contract with the third party to store the vehicles where there is no guarantee of car’s security.

Fix this issue by a careful read of passenger’s reviews available on the website and the terms and conditions of company.

Book Best Meet & Greet Gatwick Ltd:

Manage the anarchy of parking with Best Meet & Greet Gatwick and avoid the regret of wrong parking choice.

We endorse the reliable meet and greet and promise:

  • Staff friendliness
  • 24/7 secure monitoring of vehicle
  • Affordable prices
  • Accommodations of luggage management
  • Time punctuality

If you have not planned the secure parking for your vehicle, then it’s the best time to reserve your space and avoid being a victim of car damages, flight delays and other losses.

Best Travel Guide to Egypt

Egypt is complicated but also the most fascinating place with the large amount of supernatural historical monuments on the Earth. It is among the unforgettable destinations in the world that has dealt the chaos in recent times. A trip here has many excitements which include the treasures, templates, pyramids and wonderful rivers & beaches.

Tourism in Egypt cannot be compared with other countries and things are quite cheaper there. People can visit any place at cheapest rates comparatively to any other country.

Nowadays you can even get a well-planned package in probably £375 along with other multitude of accommodations!

Along with all the accommodation there is always need to beware of the unexpected circumstances while travelling at some new place.

Have you desired a travel to Egypt and searching a travel guide for a help? Here is our expert travel guide to help you in detail about the all sections of trip.


If you are travelling alone and want to take a taxi, it would be the best to ask for the favour from the reception of your hotel for it. They have certain taxis services available at cheap rates and this way you will not be tricked by some strange person.

Before dining out take the recommendations from your friends and family who have experienced a trip to Egypt.

It is considered as the most economical tourism place. So, if you have planned a good food at some five star hotels, it will be cheaper comparatively to the restaurant in your country.

Best Places to Travel:

Red Sea:

With the fascinating history it is regarded as the oldest travel destination of Egypt. This is popular because of its coral reefs and best beach resorts.

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Siwa Oasis

It is known as culturally isolated land and popularized tourist destination. Travellers come to Siwa Oasis to enjoy palm groves, fresh water springs and ancient mud built fortresses of Greco-Roman past.

Sharm el-Sheikh

It is one of the most popular beach resort and best for snorkeling visits, overnight trips and jeep trips.


Dahshur is the ancient located city at the west bank of Nile River which distance is 40 kilometers from the South Cairo. It is famous for its pyramids that are built during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu. The two famous pyramids are Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.


Cairo is situated in the mouth of Nile River and popular for starting point of cruises. Vacationers enjoy the panoramic views of Tutankhamen treasure, artifacts as well as mummies.

Consider all these suggestions and enjoy your trip as much as you can.

Some Easy Tips to Park the Vehicle in Parallel Position

There are a number of people who are comfortable with self parking. Experienced drivers do not face the huge problems. But if you are newbie and going to park your car at airport during the peak season then you cannot even think about the easiness.

So at first you need to find a suitable space for parking. Make sure there is enough space in the lot for each single car so you can park it without hitting any other vehicle.  Here are some guidelines we have collected for safe parking procedures.

  • First of all if parking space is not suitable, then find some other one.
  • Be careful that you are not blocking the entrance of spot.
  • Be slow while parking the car
  • Park next to the vehicle in front of the vacant spot
  • Be decent and wait for your turn
  • Measurement always matters so park the car at equal length

Parallel Parking Tips

  • Slowly store the vehicle in the space by checking the view in mirrors
  • In case of facing the issues let someone to guide you from the outside
  • It will give you an ample time to deal with the steering correction errors
  • Do not scrape the wheels on the curbs of your space
  • Adjust a bit from front and back
  • At the end do not forget to straighten the steering wheels
  • Now you have parked the car ideally at your desired destination

Parking at airport takes sufficient time due to the crowded traffic. Therefore, being a newbie the best option is to book meet and greet parking Gatwick service. The service provides multitude of benefits in affordable prices and your car remains under the advance security. Stay safe and use these tips for a stress free parking experience.