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Essential Tips to Choose Valet Parking Service for Your Car

Every person knows that there are several companies, which are offering valet parking services online. But, it is the time that you should choose your parking service according to your requirements. However, the question arises that which parking company is efficient to park your car. Even though many companies charge the almost same price for service, but still you are unaware how to the right, Gatwick Valet parking service for you.

The first step is to check the internet presence of that valet parking company, and its website that which deals they are being offered. The website appearance and the terms and conditions help to show you how good that company is, and how efficient it would be to take care of your car.

Gatwick Valet Parking

The next step is to check the reviews and suggestions about the facility, to have a little more information about the company. Those friends of yours who travels much would also help you to choose better Valet parking service. But you should always check the company’s reputation and clear your mind from all the confusions. Also, ask them about the parking deals they are offering.

Choose the parking deal wisely according to your financial plan. This makes easy to book Valet parking Gatwick, the most reliable service for your car. Check that whether the chosen valet parking service provides the addition luggage assistance and car wash. So, through these tips, you will be able to create a smoother travel and resolve your parking issues efficiently.

Planning a Holiday Trip with Gatwick Meet & Greet Parking

People spend their holidays either by travelling abroad or within the country. Pre-planning your trip and arrange everything before travel helps you to create an easy travel. So, here are some voyaging tips that help you to avoid uncommon bothers:

  • Before travel, always decide your financial plan. This means to decide your holiday trip in such a way that it doesn’t disturb your overall budget as well
  • There are some online websites on the internet, where you could find perfect vacation packages within your budget. Choose one which suits you well
  • Do some shopping to bring some necessary items for vacation
  • Before going, pack as light as you can by bringing the necessary items with you on the trip
  • Book reliable Gatwick meet and greet parking, a cheap parking amenity to resolve your parking issues
  • If you are travelling abroad for the first time, have some information about that country’s place to visit on your vacation

Gatwick meet and greet

Planning a trip is not as difficult as it seems, as you just have to keep those above-mentioned tips in mind to plan a perfect and memorable trip for you. It may be a bit difficult for you if you are travelling for the first time. Although, parking issues could be tackled wisely before travel to give a good start to your journey. So, reserve your space at the meet and greet Gatwick airport amenity and resolve your hassles to begin a smooth journey.


An Efficient Way to Park Your Car at the Airport

If you are planning an international tour, then make sure to book a parking spot for your car in advance at the airport. Facing parking issues at the airport can ruin the excitement of the travel and causes to get you late for flight missing. You have to find the most suitable Gatwick valet parking service in order to begin your journey smoothly. As you know that official parking is not a suitable deal for your vehicle. It is unsafe in terms of safety and expensive choice. So, you must book a dependable deal before beginning your journey.

Talking about safe and perfect deals, there are a lot of options available for you, but valet parking is a luxurious and dependable amenity. This is a way to skip all parking issues easily and ensure the safety of the car in your absence. Off-site parking amenities are relatively cheaper and you can verify the quality of a service by reading the customer reviews. Almost, every parking facility has a website and you can book the desired spot for your car even at your home.

Almost, every parking facility has a website and you can book the desired spot for your car even at your home.

Gatwick valet parking

Off-site valet parking Gatwick airport deals are available at low prices that anyone can avail within his budget. A well-mannered chauffeur to park your car. He is also responsible for carrying your luggage. The best care is provided for your vehicle and you don’t need to face parking or transport issues at all. The resourceful valet parking service owns a sheltered compound, where passengers’ needs are fulfilled properly regarding car parking. Your car is washed to maintain its sparkling condition and you get it in a wonderful condition on your return. So, before your next trip, book off-site valet service to fix all parking issues efficiently.

Off-Site Meet and Greet Service – The Way to Fulfill Your Parking Needs

Parking your car at Gatwick airport without facing any trouble is not an easy task.  Poor parking services result in a bad experience and you have to face unwanted disruptions. Summer vacation is the peak travelling time when it becomes more difficult to get a safe parking spot in the crowded compound. Guiding the kids and dragging your luggage are really hazardous jobs. Stress-free parking and safe travel are possible with advance planning and booking a service to look after the car when you are away. Off-site parking compounds are available but there is no safety of your car as:

  • There is no availability of safe space
  • High parking fees are received
  • Inefficient chauffeurs
  • Parking compounds are suitably secure

Hiring an off-site meet and greet Gatwick airport parking service is the right way maintain the safety of your car. Booking an off-site service is a perfect choice for long term car parking. Off-site meet and greet service is the most suitable service to ensure the safety of your car when you are away. However, you need to find a dependable and legit parking service that is the first and foremost thing. Recommendations of friends and family are helpful to choose a reliable service. Here are some important tips that you need to follow while choosing a service:

  • Check the reputation of parking service
  • Browse the website of company and read the policies
  • Make sure to inquire about safety measures in compound

Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking

Above mentioned points are helpful to know about the dependability and reliability of the service. After finalizing a service, make sure to book off-site Gatwick meet and greet parking service in advance and try to avail seasonal discounts. On departure date, reach at the airport at least 1 hour before actual time and call the company to confirm your arrival. An expert chauffeur is reserved for parking your car safely in the compound. Off-site Gatwick meet and greet parking service adds extra comfort to your journey. Book this service and enjoy your journey.

Advantages of Choosing Off-Site Gatwick Valet Parking

Making a smart choice is a right way to get a safe and vacant spot for parking your car at the airport. Managing a parking space totally depends upon how carefully you administer this task. You know well that difficulty in parking your car at the airport is the most disturbing job. It can spoil the excitement of your journey and causes to get you late that result in missing your flight. So, travellers are advised to take care of parking diligently. If you are at the airport and searching for a vacant spot then, off-site Gatwick valet parking is highly recommended to ensure the safety of your car. This is the most recommended service as it adds extra comfort to your journey and is suitable for all sorts of passengers.

Valet Parking Gatwick

Off-site valet parking is really helpful for the people who are with their family and have bulky luggage with them. After booking this luxurious deal and reaching the airport, travellers receive the warm welcome of a highly-trained attendant who is 24/7 ready to help you. Off-site valet parking Gatwick airport is comparatively a comfortable choice. Valet attendants are appointed to park your car safely at a reserved spot. Unlike official airport parking, this amenity is cheaper as you don’t need to pay high fares. Booking a reputable parking firm always helps you to start a smooth travel and it will not cause any kind of disappointment. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your vehicle as it will be taken care of in a better way when you are away.

Travellers save a large portion of their time as well as they can resolve all parking and transport troubles like an expert. You need to book a dependable service that improves your parking experience and makes airport travel comfortable for you. Vehicles are washed after a certain time period to maintain their clean condition. Valet parking is thought to be a helpful deal, especially for elders. Valet attendants treat them kindly and help with their bulky luggage. Vehicles are parked in a covered compound where there is no risk of damages. Booking this supreme amenity gives you peace of mind and helps you to get ready for your flight before time. Off-site Gatwick valet parking is a well know and trusted deal that makes your experience totally stress-free.

Meet and Greet Offers the most Reliable and Convenient Service

It is usually said that an airplane is the most comfortable way of travelling. Yes, it is! But there are a lot of things that need to be considered while travelling. Because sitting in an airplane does not fulfil your purpose alone; as you have to go through different stages before finally boarding up on the airplane. On-site parking is not up to the mark according to the frequent travellers as they have experienced damages.

Parking is always an issue at Gatwick airport, because on-site parking area has limited space and it is impossible for one to have a hassle-free parking. When you arrive at airport and there is no space for your vehicle. Suddenly the feeling of anxiety and fear of flight delay occupies your mind which turns your journey’s excitement into frustration. But this does not mean that a proper and reliable parking cannot be attained.  It is important to make proper plan for everything before travel. Consider pre-booking for safe and secure procedures. Gatwick meet and greet parking solves all your parking issues. It provides off-airport parking within your budget. When you arrive at airport, you will be greeted by your company appointed chauffer who will be there to pick up your car. Meet and greet Gatwick saves your precious time and reduces your car parking effort. Meet and greet gives you relief from a parking headache as you don’t have to find a spot at the 11th hour.

Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick Deals

Gatwick meet and greet is a reliable source to park your car. It takes the complete responsibility of on time collection, storage and delivery of car. Meet and greet parking understands the needs of passengers and ensures the minimal hassles at both ends of journey. It is the best alternative of on-site parking.

How Meet and Greet at Gatwick is Vital to Value Your Time and Money?

It is becoming a trend to visit the pleasant and memorable place to enjoy the vacations. To do that, passengers start packing luggage, book a flight and start looking for a parking service. Travelling to a gratifying place is an exciting moment and people want a smooth and comfortable start to it. They start making a choice of airport parking and search for best alternate which meets their need as well as standards. It seems to be difficult but pre-booking has made it easy.

Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick

So, if they are looking for a source that provides a fast and peaceful way of parking then they should get ready to make an advance booking at meet and greet Gatwick airport. This is a client’s voted service which brings the better and convenient parking facilities and promises to deal with passengers in a decent and professional way. As most of the travellers are with their family or kids, meet and greet service is right for them. An attendant is appointed to welcome you and park your car safely. Gatwick meet and greet give you relief from a parking headache as you don’t have to find a spot in last minutes. This service gives you the surety of your vehicle and enables you to bring expediency to your trip. You can eliminate all the hurdles.

Your car is safe and looked after 24/7 since there is no compromise on security at the compound. Reasonable, trusted and lavish- this is all you need in car parking package. Plan wisely and book meet and greet Gatwick service so that you can save your precious time and amount. Try to avoid parking your conveyance at on-site compound because this option is not good and causes flight delays and many other risks to your vehicle.

Take Cheap Meet and Greet at Gatwick Parking Deals

Meet and greet Gatwick is a renowned facility that makes your airport parking experience convenient. When you are running against the time, it is hard to look for a vacant bay to park on your own. So, in order to better manage the time and resources, book your Gatwick parking in advance.

Online parking deals for Gatwick will make your airport experience worth your while. Off-airport parking deals are miles cheaper than the official ones. So, if you are a thrifty travel planner, discounted off-airport Gatwick meet and greet deals will definitely resonate with you.

Meet & Greet Gatwick Parking

Gatwick meet & greet makes for a wonderful and convenient airport parking. The services include the professional assistance of trained chauffeur from your parking provider. The pick and drop is just off your terminal. It’s all in your reach and comes with a short and easy booking process:

  • Add Travel Date and Time
  • Add the Pick and Drop Terminal
  • Add Discount Code (if any)

That’s all. Make your reservation by providing these details. A confirmation email is sent to you upon the completion of this process. It has your travel day instruction and meet up point details.

Make an informed decision and plan your parking in advance to avoid all the unnecessary hassle later on. Have a nice journey!


Reasons to Choose Gatwick Valet Parking Service

Air travelling is not stressful in itself if one is appropriately prepared for it. According to the old airport time following rules, it is said that reaching the airport 2 hours before the flight is the best thing to consider. But then again, even if you reach the airport on time, you cannot predict anything about the crowded airport parking lots as it is the worst place to get stuck in before the flight.

Valet Airport Parking

Off-airport valet parking Gatwick gives you the chance to attain a parking service of premium quality. A few reasons to select this parking option are mentioned below:

  • There are various other vehicle services linked to it
  • It can be modified according to your needs
  • Valet parking facility can be managed within every travel budget plan
  • The companies offer maximum security for the vehicle’s condition
  • You are saved from the on-site parking menace

These are just to give you an outline of the worth and superiority of the valet parking amenity. Most off-airport parking authorities present you with the option of booking online or by making a call, from the comfort of your own home.

So, as soon as you begin with your travel plan, make sure to take an off-airport Gatwick valet parking service into account. A significant number of private parking companies offer a car wash facility along with the valet parking amenity. You can benefit from this incredible proposal by paying a small fee to modify your package or you can choose a valet parking deal that already presents it.

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Gatwick Meet and Greet – A Relief to Your Parking Issues

If we talk about parking issues at Gatwick airport then there are many! But have you once considered how much you contribute to their cause? Yes, it is an agreeable fact that parking area is always so crowded at airport and it is impossible for one to have a hassle-free parking. But, how much efforts you put in yourself to ease your parking problems? So, all you need is a parking reservation at some reliable parking facility.

Here is where meet and greet Gatwick parking assists you in your best interests. We provides you with an easy online reservation option, so that you can be certain of a free parking slot with our service provider as soon as you arrive at airport. How luxurious it seems, to have reserved a reliable parking slot by sitting at home and do the rest of the packing tension free.

Meet and Greet Gatwick Parking

Not only your tension of parking is released, but Gatwick meet and greet also strives to make your trip pleasant. This goal is achieved when you are nicely greeted by a service provider chauffeur on your arrival at airport. Next what you have to do is to give the keys of your car to the chauffeur. But, before that, make sure that you check your car thoroughly for any valuables. Keep the check of the condition of your car so that you easily claim for any damage made in your absence.

Go ahead and keep your car safe from any theft or disassembling for spare parts; make online reservation at Gatwick meet and greet parking and avail the best services ever.

What Makes Gatwick Valet Parking the Ultimate Parking Option?

The parking space provided by the airport authorities is often expensive and it lacks certain key features. The best characteristics are mostly offered by the off-site parking companies. Not only will you experience quality service, but you will also find it to be relatively easy on the pocket.

Travel planning cannot be accomplished at the drop of a hat. One has to be fully prepared before they reach the airport on the day of the flight. The ultimate parking facility for the travellers to choose is valet parking Gatwick.

Valet parking is better than the other hazy and unpredictable parking options, for instance the park and ride service. Furthermore, it is the ideal alternative to all the other on-site parking offers. On-site parking can easily get on your nerves mainly because it is crowded and risky.

Off-Site Valet Parking Gatwick

You can pre-book online or call the company for a parking space with Gatwick valet parking service. The parking firm will require and verify a few details before your deal is confirmed. Make sure to submit the correct information regarding the departure and arrival dates and timing.

The meeting point is determined on email, where the service provider valet attendant arrives exact 20 minutes after your call. Upon arrival, a call is required from the traveller 20 minutes prior to the time they need their vehicle delivered. Before delivery, the vehicle is properly cleaned and washed. This prominent convenience by the off-site parking firms makes valet parking the ultimate parking choice.

Secrets of Easy Airport Journey

Security information is often neglected once you are planning for an international air travel. Travelling seems to be a hassle for most people until they are aware of the secrets of a secure airport journey.

You have to ensure that you pack like an expert and carry only bag, i.e. the carry-on bag. Most of the airlines allow you to take one of these bags and another small article, so pack the items that you really need. Taking a lot of bags means that you have to wait in lines, etc., with the risk of having your luggage being stolen.

Another trick is to book off-season flights. Not only is it light on your budget, but eliminates minor risks of potential threats or emergent situations, which in turn results in a smooth airport journey. Make certain to book a secure Gatwick airport car parking service in advance.

Once you reserve your parking space before time, you don’t have to deal with any last minute parking hassles. The most beneficial facility to use is the meet and greet parking service.

Secure Airport Journey

For your car parking during your absence, choose a high-quality parking package offered by an experienced company. Apart from the meet and greet service, Gatwick valet parking is also an amazing resource due to the exceptional quality and ease of service.

Book Your Airport Parking Service Smartly

What is the guarantee of vehicle’s safety when it comes to the parking at airport? Thousands of complaints get registered by the passengers who use airport parking services.

The continuous increase in the figure of vehicles is the biggest hassle for car parkers around the airports. Advance security procedures are required to trim down the threats for both on and off airport parking. The major issues behind the reported complaints are as follow:

  • Assaults
  • Damages to vehicles
  • Use of intoxicants in the parking fields
  • Thefts of vehicle’s parts and valuables

So, if you are really concerned about the safety of vehicle, be certain about the prestige of parking firm you are going to book for your vehicle.


How your car is treated in your absence is entirely a matter of choice. Be assured about the safety of vehicle by inquiring about the condition of parking compound. An underprivileged parking area develops the negative impact. There should be reasonable security available for the storage of vehicle so that you and your property remain safe from the threats and damages.


Airport Valet Parking Gatwick

Availability of flood lightening in parking compounds lessens the crime activities and also helps you to scrutinize the best place for your car.

Credibility of Parking Attendants:

Valet parking Gatwick is the best solution to get the ultimate convenience of parking if you book a real service. Before you book the service, focus on the following points to attain the eventual contentment.

Vital Signs of Real Valet:

  • No fear of damages and attacks to vehicle in parking areas
  • No need to wait in the long lanes for your turn
  • Availability of value added service for the extra car care

Inquiring is the best affair to evade the maximum vulnerabilities before using any car park service. Especially if you are driving to airport in your own vehicle, then appropriate planning can reduce the parking risks entirely.

Airport Travel Tip & Tricks for Hassle Free Experience

While travelling through the airport a number of hassles come into the way of our travel. Eventually we all almost face same sort of issues. For the perfect experience pre-planning is required to make the procedures simple and easy.

Therefore, it is important to beware of the troubles and their solutions.

Booking a Ticket:

Booking of airplane ticket is the initial task which should be done wisely. Three important points are required to be remembered for getting cheap air fares.

  • Check the top rated sites from search engines
  • Analyse the peak hours and pre-booking rates of different airlines
  • Take opinion from regular flyers around you
  • Choose the airline that is best suited to your pocket


Packing is another important part of travelling. When it comes to packing people are usually confused and take even useless items which end up with huge security checking payments. The way you pack your luggage really makes the difference.

  • Try to pack lesser items
  • Try to pack casual wears apart from your business meeting
  • Do not pack all the forbidden items

Airport Travel Guide

  • Do not take too much cash with you
  • Try to use credit/debit cards that allow the purchases in foreign countries

Use Airport Lounges:

It is quite difficult to sit on plastic chairs when you have to wait for the boarding of flight more than one hour. Booking an airport lounge help you to sit and relax on comfortable sofas. Even you can easily manage your online meetings in the conference rooms of lounges with the facility of Wi-Fi and other equipment. It is also the best option for the family flyers that are with infants and kids.

Use Airport Parking Services:   

Parking is also a major apprehension for the travellers who arrive in their vehicle.  The expert advice is to use valet/meet and greet at Gatwick service for safe and smooth parking procedures. Be certain about the credibility of parking firm and start a hassle free journey.

Pre-planning is the key if you really want to travel in comfort. Travel in good health and stay happy throughout the journey.

Tips For Easy Meet and Greet Gatwick Parking

Gatwick is one of the best airports in Europe and the second busiest runway in UK. If you do not live near the airport, the taxi and train fairs will also increase your cost.

Therefore driving to the airport in your own vehicle reduces the cost and travel time. After arrival there is a possibility you might get late for flight while waiting for your turn in a long lane. You might stay into the anxiety of car damage risk during the holiday which can ruin the whole excitement.  Hence, it becomes a nightmare for you especially when you have already paid for the ticket and you are uncertain about the safety of your vehicle at the same airport.

Parking at Gatwick

The excessive use of airport parking has reduced the spacing at airports and other alternatives cost hundreds of pounds. Thousands of passengers traveling to their destinations daily through the airport are looking for secure and cost effective solutions of car parking.

The favourable solution for lowering down the parking trouble is to book meet and greet service in advance. By following these simple steps, you can reduce your parking expense to an affordable amount. Further you will feel less troublesome after a detail inquiry about the secure procedures of company.  Let us show you how:

How to make it a cost effective & secure experience?

Parking car in an overly occupied space is a great hassle. When you realize that you are paying too high for parking, the simple way to reduce your cost is to book the service in advance. Even if you have to opted meet and greet Gatwick car parking, you can save some pounds for the other services at airport.

So remember to avoid the huge airport and travelling costs by thinking wisely and taking advantage of our above tips. This is going to enable you to save more money to enjoy your trip, ofcoure you don’t want to rip off your budget for the entire trip.

How to Deal with the Mishap of Lost Wallet or Stolen Money at Airport?

Almost face the same sort of issues while travelling to and from the airport. Hence, you are not alone when it comes to missing luggage, an experience of a bad hotel, food disorder and delayed flights. There are millions who suffer these obstacles on regular basis and one way or another get the compensation. The real trouble confronts when you are in the middle of your trip and realize that your wallet is misplaced or stolen.

This scenario has sent many passengers into a panicking situation in the middle of the trip. Here is a list of caution which is discussed to deal with this airport tragedy easily.

What if your wallet is stolen or lost?

Do not panic and lodge a complaint as soon as possible to the related airport police department. After registering the complaint make sure to take the copy of that statement with you as a proof.  Consider to file your report through your travel insurance company. These companies have strict time regulations to follow up the case of their clients. Make complain without hindrance and save the note given by bank while buying the foreign currency. It could help you to get the compensation without any trouble.

Stolen Wallets or Money at Airports

Cancel your debit/credit cards before your card is used by someone falsely. Use E-tickets which are nearly impossible to be misplaced. If you you have lost the ticket that was in the same wallet, you can get another print of boarding pass easily. In many cases, airlines just ask the identity details to find your ticket.

In case of loosing driving license, social security cards and Identity cards, filing an international police report is a great help to get ahead of the airport check-in trouble easily.


Moreover when you initiate your airport travel, try to keep the wallet and other documents inside pockets of your jacket and shirt. Keep your cards and currency into the different sections of your clothes and wallet. These are great ways to secure the wallet and other documents while travelling.

Other alternatives include the back up of online document storage system. Scan your passports, identity cards, licenses in your online drive. While discovering yourself into the circumstances of lost wallet, you can use the copies of online documents when required.

Guidelines to Resolve Your On-Street Parking Disputes Around Airports

Like always street parking became a dispute among resident and travellers around the airport. The holidaymakers in Crawley have parked the cars on street that has been witnessed by the residents. Two of the families who got out of their vehicle to take the bus for Gatwick parked the cars in Crawley residential street.

Norman wells, a resident reported the issues. He told the member of Crawley’s borough council that cars have been parked from two weeks outside their place. He mentioned that it is not illegal to park the cars like this, but it is quite inconvenient for the residents living there. He has to park the vehicle in the next road as there is no place where he could park his own car.

This inconvenience often creates disputes among travellers and the people living here. People of town are afraid of this growing trend and looking for the better solutions.

A spokesman of Bourough’s council requested the travellers to use public transport or other official/private parking services.

Car Parking Solutions

Here are some handy suggestions for the car parkers to resolve the disputes:

  • Make use of on/off airport parking service
  • Book the premium services meet and greet/valet parking Gatwick
  • Pre-book the service at least two days before your travel
  • Avoid the service of illegal and scam companies
  • Ensure the safe procedures of company

We all know about the rising issues of parking around the globe. Lack of space is the major reason behind these disputes. So handling the parking trouble alone without any assistance becomes trouble for you and others.

Hiring a company to resolve the parking issue is the best option for your vehicle especially around the airports. Therefore, consider the use of airport parking service and mitigate the risks of parking without getting into any dispute.

If you are travelling to and from Gatwick airport, then Best Meet and Greet Gatwick is the best option to resolve all the hefty parking disputes.

Signs of Reputable Meet and Greet Parking Firm

Before checking in to the terminal for your abroad travel, you need a fine parking space for your vehicle. So, you can receive a well-looked car after your return from the trip.  While flying from Gatwick airport you need to beware of all the fuss of airport parking services to avoid all sort of nicks and dings.

Gatwick airport is the hub of travellers and serves the major flights of Europe around the world. It also operates the official airport parking which is usually busy by the passengers. Therefore, it is not easy to obtain a secure parking slot during the rush hour.

Moreover, it is quite difficult to determine which one is the authentic provider when there is a range of parking companies available to serve you around the airport.

Risks of dodgy meet and greet Gatwick parking are obvious with the unapproved operators. So, it is not safe to say that book with some unknown company in the time of hurry.

The best bet is to pre-book the service after a detail inquiry about the company you have planned to book the service.

Meet and Greet Parking Tips

Figure Out Reliable Meet and Greet Parking Firms: 

  • They will be providing the finest customer service
  • Your car will be well kept after you
  • Complete security will be provided by the company to your vehicle
  • The clear instructions will be available on the company’s website
  • Easy booking and guarantee of secure transactions
  • Timely updates of the seasonal discounts
  • Ease of extra assistance when you are running late for business meeting or travelling with family
  • Neat and clean feedback of customers
  • Policy of booking amendments will be available

While booking an airport parking service make sure to authenticate about all the features of company. Enquiring all these small details about the company will make the parking procedures smooth and you will not end up crying over the spilt milk.

Be an early bird, plan well and enjoy the stress free parking at both ends of your travel.

A Guide to Fix Airport Travel Delays

During the peak travelling season, travellers face flight disruptions and end up with no compensation. Flights are cancelled and delayed because extra ordinary circumstances which can be compensated according to the laws. Most of the airlines use to avoid the reimbursements in terms of extra ordinary circumstances.

Here is a complete guide to aware you about the compensations that you get for the disrupted and exempt flight.

According to the Europe law, the flights that get delayed or cancelled due to the technical issues or other circumstances would be compensated.

Areas Where Claim of Compensation is Legal:

You can make a claim if flight is delayed more than three hours of your arrival due to the fault of airline.

If the disturbance is made due to air traffic control, weather issues which also affects the airport staff doesn’t have to pay out.

These regulations are also applicable on the flights coming from Norway, Iceland and Switzerland

Airport Travel Guide

Possible payout in terms of compensation:

  • On the shortest flight the payable amount by would be probably 200£
  • On mid length flight the payable amount is probably 320£
  • On a long haul flights the payable amount is among 280£ to 480£

Care and Other Assistance:

According to the law if your flight is probably three, four or more than four hours delayed, then you are eligible to take the accommodations of food, drink and other means of communication.

If you are travelling from some other country and need the compensation against the airline due to disturbed flight, then you can take the help from Civil Aviation Authority of UK. They will help you to enforce the claim on your behalf.

In case you find it more troublesome, take the assistance of private firms that solve these disputes and get your compensation easily.

Therefore, next time if you face the trouble of cancelled or delayed flight, remember all these point and get your reimbursement.

Worst Delays Report at Gatwick by Passengers

Passengers travelling to and from Gatwick have suffered the worst delays according to the published report. The analysis of BBC on UK aviation data showed the uncovered routes and worst time punctuality.

Passengers going from Gatwick airport have to face 18 minutes of delay per flight. In addition to this airport regretted the delays due to less air capacity.

Most delayed hit flight was from Manchester to New York with the duration of average 88 minutes. The England analysis report of Civil Aviation Authority was from 2015 to 2016 according to BBC.

The enquiry displayed the delayed of eight out of ten recorded flights in 2015 of Pakistan International Airlines flight that was from Manchester to New York John F Kennedy airport.

The maximum numbers of delays were reported on Turkmenistan Airlines with passengers which were average 70 minutes ahead of their scheduled time.

A usual delay among all the flights was of 18 minutes. The timely record of Gatwick with an average delay is 13 minutes compared to Heathrow; it is the only airport which has a large figure of flights.

Gatwick Airport Delays

Gatwick spokeswoman said: “We regret any delays our passengers experience however several incidents beyond Gatwick’s control influenced the airport’s performance during this period, including numerous air traffic control strikes across European airspace, impacting the airport’s whole flight schedule including our long haul routes.

“Gatwick has more flights to Europe than any UK airport and can therefore be impacted disproportionately by events on the continent.”

From Manchester to New York there are 129 flights of PIA controlled from January 2015 to March 2016. The complete calculations of delays were almost 190 hours which is an average of 88 minutes per departure.

Manchester airport spokesman said: “The Pakistan International Airlines service doesn’t impact on any other flights operating from Manchester.”

The subsequent delay of flight was by Turkmenistan Airlines from Heathrow to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, with 19,302 minutes of wait out of 259 flights, equivalent to almost an hour and a quarter per flight.

In addition to this there were 10 most delays of flights to Chambéry in France.


Gatwick faced the worst delay which was average 15 minutes due to the several incidents that strikes across European airspace which impacts the plans of long haul routes. Gatwick has more flights to Europe comparatively to any other airport and needs more space to reduce the delays. Therefore new expansion is the basic need of Gatwick and this expansion is also backed by the local UK aviation