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Travel Tips for Travellers with Impaired Visibility

There are millions of passengers who have impaired visibility issues and many of them desired travelling. But they have to face several issues while travelling.  The main conflict arises during the way finding signage in which the main factors are aided directionally.

There are other several ways where passengers are directed to navigate with the airport easily. There are many ways where people can aid the passengers with impaired visibility.

How you can help the people with impaired visibility at airports?

People with reduce visibility have blue badges given by the airport authorities for extra assistance. When you find any passenger with the disability of blindness, there are places where you can aid the passenger with disabilities.

  • There are several opportunities for the travellers with no or reduce visibility.
  • If passengers get a blue badge, he will be provided with the attendant for airport navigation from check-in to flight boarding area.
  • There are several technologies introduced in recent years for the travellers through which the mobility for blind people can be quite easy.

Travel Tips for Travellers with Impaired Visibility

  • The information for signage provision is the biggest issue for travellers with impaired vision. In many places the problems are sorted out by providing the audio announcements at busy travel spaces.
  • There are tactile maps also available for the ease of passengers. These maps are placed outside and inside of check-in areas for proper navigation.
  • If you find the people with impaired vision around you, help them by providing the above mentioned information so they can easily navigate through the airport travel.
  • Help the people around you and make your journey a bit more special and enjoyable.

Picking the best travel services is the safest options for travellers with reduce or no vision. They can enjoy the extra assistance and make their journey more pleasant.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Wed, Aug 17, 2016

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