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Tips to Skip the Immigration Queues

Every traveller is almost familiar with the annoyance of waiting in long queues of immigration. Here are the following issues that passengers usually meet at airports.

  • Packed Entry Halls
  • Tired looking Officials
  • Staffing Issues
  • Long Waits by the Baggage Carrousel

It means the queue troubles are not limited to only passport control but there are so many other things you are required to tackle in short time span. There are some handy suggestions which you can follow to reduce the restricted time hassles of immigration.

Choose your airline:

It is better to choose your airline wisely. Fly from the airline that is offering the direct routes, because the changing flights can add more queue hassles into the list.

Book Midday Flights:

If you are planning to fly from UK airport, it’s better to book the flights between 10 am to 4pm. There are fewer flights during these hours and airports are not hugely packed with passengers. The issue comes around you when you choose peak travelling days/hours for travel.

Immigration Requirments & Tips

Make sure to check-in early to select the front seats. Choosing the aisle seat at the front of aircraft would not let you into the trouble with other people in the flight. In case of flying with no-frills airlines which do not allocate seat numbers, you have to pay extra to get the desirable seat.

Use Biometric Passports:

Most of the Britain has got biometric passports. These passports have more security features and you can use them through any automated gates of major UK airports. It is probably the easiest way to go faster, instead of lining up in the queues of ordinary immigration.

Remove the passport from any sort of cover and place it on a scanner in the down position. After indication go into the booth with proper feet position for scanning confirmation.

Travel with Baggage:

Those who travel light would not stuck into the queues of security checking and they can also save their budget from the hefty baggage security charges.

Go Quickly by Paying for the Fast Track Security:

Get the access to fast track security queue by paying a small amount. Time is money and it is the best way to avoid the long awaited queues at airport.

Use Airport Parking Service:

Parking is the initial hassle that passengers have to face at airport. While flying from Gatwick airport valet parking Gatwick is the most considerable option to eliminate the parking troubles from your travel plan.

Have a safe journey!

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Wed, Jun 22, 2016

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