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Tips to Conquer the Fear of Flying

Are you terrified of boarding on the plane because of your flying fear? Do you think that your heart will pound while others will be sleeping silently around you? Most of the times these fears are minor for the first time flyers, but there are few people who go through the severe flying phobia and tremendous anxiety.

If you are among those people who are terrified of flying, follow these guidelines to overcome your flying fear.

Recognise your fear:

Before you set on the plane, it is important to figure out the situation that frightens you the most. Moreover, trigger the reaction of your anxiety to conquer the fear. If you will learn what turns you down, it would be easier to defeat these sensations.

Board into the plane with complete information:

Sometimes the reason behind the anxiety is lack of knowledge about the things you are using first time. To beat the fears effectively learn how flying works and remember the facts about the stuff that worries you most.

Suppose if you understand the facts about airplane turbulences, then you would be able to easily answer your negative thoughts.

How To Conquer The Fear Of Flying

Separate fear from danger:

Anxiety and danger often gets confused because in both situations body reacts in the same way. Do not misunderstand fear with danger because it is just the anxious feeling that is frightening you. Remind yourself that you are not in danger and you will be safe throughout the journey.

Utilise visualisation techniques:

The lack of flying exposure is one the biggest problem that gives birth to fear. The idea of visualization is quite helpful to beat the nervous feeling. Imagining yourself into the situation of flying helps to conquer the negative thoughts and the situations you are imagining no longer threat you. It seems a lame technique but it really works.

Exercises to defeat the frightening sensations:

  • Bring a squeeze ball or a small stuffed toy and keep on squeezing it unless you release the negative energy to alleviate the tension.
  • Stretch your body from toe to head and completely relax all the muscles.
  • Take few sips of water and deep breathes frequently.
  • Watch a movie, read your favourite book or play a game to avoid all the negative thoughts.
  • Sit back on your seat smoothly and show the utmost confidence.
  • Talk to someone around you to lessen the stress.
  • Stay well hydrated and buy a comfortable travel sleep pillow.

The best technique to deal with the flying fears is to keep on distracting your mind to control the stress. If you follow these tips, you will be fine in a short time span.

  Posted by Mark Adams on Thu, Jul 28, 2016

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