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Long Distance Flight Issues and Solutions

Travelling at the distant places in plane is not an easy task and needs a lot of stamina to manage the various body disorders. In the end people finish travels by regulating with their body clock and sleep patterns.

Whether travelling to east or west, you will be affected with long distance flight. Suppose you are going to travel from UK to middle-east countries, then your body will be affected by the sleeping patterns and many other things.  This means your body needs an ample time to adjust according to the time zone of new place which normally takes 1 day.

Effects of Jet Lag:

Your body effects in several ways while going in long distance flight including disturbed sleep patterns. Few of the major effects are mentioned below:

  • Severe headache
  • Feeling of nausea
  • General depression
  • Insomnia and muscular pains
  • Tiredness and temporary unhappiness
  • Muscle cramps while sitting in the flight

Moreover, if you have taken alcohol, you can go through the worst hangover. When travelling to a place, these causes may not be very noticeable, but at the end of your flight they will be quite prominent.

Airplane Travel Safety Tips

Here are few suggestions that can help you to reduce these symptoms after a long-haul flight:

  • Sleeping during the flight can help you to minimize the body clock
  • Avoid dealing with the hefty travelling procedures before boarding and use alternatives
  • Make sure to use airport parking Gatwick services to ignore the initial tiredness
  • Try to stay away from the unnecessary travel when you are already tired of your flight
  • Do not commit the burdened tasks on first day of your travel
  • Take anti-respiratory infection drugs and anti-malaria drugs with the consultation of your doctor
  • Try to stay hydrated and take distractions to avoid panic attacks

Flying is safer if you taking care of all these small details which can save you from the maximum troubles.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Fri, Aug 26, 2016

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