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How to Deal with the Mishap of Lost Wallet or Stolen Money at Airport?

Almost face the same sort of issues while travelling to and from the airport. Hence, you are not alone when it comes to missing luggage, an experience of a bad hotel, food disorder and delayed flights. There are millions who suffer these obstacles on regular basis and one way or another get the compensation. The real trouble confronts when you are in the middle of your trip and realize that your wallet is misplaced or stolen.

This scenario has sent many passengers into a panicking situation in the middle of the trip. Here is a list of caution which is discussed to deal with this airport tragedy easily.

What if your wallet is stolen or lost?

Do not panic and lodge a complaint as soon as possible to the related airport police department. After registering the complaint make sure to take the copy of that statement with you as a proof.  Consider to file your report through your travel insurance company. These companies have strict time regulations to follow up the case of their clients. Make complain without hindrance and save the note given by bank while buying the foreign currency. It could help you to get the compensation without any trouble.

Stolen Wallets or Money at Airports

Cancel your debit/credit cards before your card is used by someone falsely. Use E-tickets which are nearly impossible to be misplaced. If you you have lost the ticket that was in the same wallet, you can get another print of boarding pass easily. In many cases, airlines just ask the identity details to find your ticket.

In case of loosing driving license, social security cards and Identity cards, filing an international police report is a great help to get ahead of the airport check-in trouble easily.


Moreover when you initiate your airport travel, try to keep the wallet and other documents inside pockets of your jacket and shirt. Keep your cards and currency into the different sections of your clothes and wallet. These are great ways to secure the wallet and other documents while travelling.

Other alternatives include the back up of online document storage system. Scan your passports, identity cards, licenses in your online drive. While discovering yourself into the circumstances of lost wallet, you can use the copies of online documents when required.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Mon, Sep 19, 2016

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