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Conquer the Fear of First Time Airport Travel Experience

Being the first time flyer, we can understand the confusion and perplexity you will have to face at Gatwick airport. Thankfully we are here to help you and have arranged a guidance chart for the convenience of those passengers who intend to travel first time to and from Gatwick.

First Time Flying:

For calm and soothing experience at the airport, first of all take a deep breath and relax yourself. Hold a pen and paper in your hand and make a plan for relaxing airport experience.

What are your Fears?

Fear is the natural instinct that we all face while experiencing the things very first time. But the fear can be overcome easily if you face the troubles bravely & wisely.

Fears that you can go Through at Airport:

Similarly, managing the airport frets is not much daunting as you have imagined. Here are few key aspects for ignoring a run down during your initial flight.

Airport Travel Tips For Novice Flyers

Things to Remember:

  • Your flight details with departure and arrival time
  • Your baggage allowance
  • Your check-in time because it varies from airline to airline. So better to stick with the time.


  • Be assured that they have issued the ticket to you.
    (In case of not getting the issued ticket, ensure the ticket confirmation number from the information desk depending on your airline)
  • Managing the security of luggage and vehicle you have been to at airport.
  • Make sure to book a secure airport parking Gatwick service for avoiding the risks that can damage your car.

Once you check-in to the airport terminal, a display screen will show all the details and you can go to the departure lounge. Show your boarding card and go through the security control where the luggage will be screened. You can enjoy tax free shopping, a range of bars and restaurants after going through security control.

Be nice, be wise, pack light, manage your budget, avoid panicking and enjoy your air travel.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Thu, Mar 10, 2016

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