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A Guide to Fix Airport Travel Delays

During the peak travelling season, travellers face flight disruptions and end up with no compensation. Flights are cancelled and delayed because extra ordinary circumstances which can be compensated according to the laws. Most of the airlines use to avoid the reimbursements in terms of extra ordinary circumstances.

Here is a complete guide to aware you about the compensations that you get for the disrupted and exempt flight.

According to the Europe law, the flights that get delayed or cancelled due to the technical issues or other circumstances would be compensated.

Areas Where Claim of Compensation is Legal:

You can make a claim if flight is delayed more than three hours of your arrival due to the fault of airline.

If the disturbance is made due to air traffic control, weather issues which also affects the airport staff doesn’t have to pay out.

These regulations are also applicable on the flights coming from Norway, Iceland and Switzerland

Airport Travel Guide

Possible payout in terms of compensation:

  • On the shortest flight the payable amount by would be probably 200£
  • On mid length flight the payable amount is probably 320£
  • On a long haul flights the payable amount is among 280£ to 480£

Care and Other Assistance:

According to the law if your flight is probably three, four or more than four hours delayed, then you are eligible to take the accommodations of food, drink and other means of communication.

If you are travelling from some other country and need the compensation against the airline due to disturbed flight, then you can take the help from Civil Aviation Authority of UK. They will help you to enforce the claim on your behalf.

In case you find it more troublesome, take the assistance of private firms that solve these disputes and get your compensation easily.

Therefore, next time if you face the trouble of cancelled or delayed flight, remember all these point and get your reimbursement.

  Posted by Lisa Forbs on Mon, Sep 5, 2016

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